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Pros vs Cons: Microsoft’s Xbox Series X


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All the important pros and cons of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X have been stated in this article. Though Game Pass is a massive pro, one cannot ignore the hefty size of the console as a big con. For all the gamers out there who are contemplating whether to get Microsoft’s Xbox Series X or not, here is a detailed list of pros and cons to help you decide. Let’s start with the advantages and the exciting features of Xbox Series X to look forward to. 


According to Microsoft, Xbox Series X is the most powerful Xbox console launched to date. It aims at improving the performance by reducing the loading time of the games. It also offers 4K resolution for excellent visual quality for playing games with improved framerates. It also provides ray tracing, HDR support, and backward compatibility titles over the last three Xbox generations. 

Xbox Game Pass And xCloud

Microsoft’s approach to catering to its customers has come up with the most exciting thing for this generation: Xbox Game Pass. It is a subscription service for Xbox console users. It has improved Microsoft’s user base by providing a selection of various titles at a low cost per month while also showing its exclusive games and upcoming releases. The game pass has made Xbox more accessible to gamers. To add a cherry on top, Microsoft has now released xCloud, and it will be free with the game pass. This lets gamers stream the video game from the console to any of their portable devices anywhere there is an online connection. 

Smart Delivery And Backward Compatibility

The Smart Delivery feature ensures that regardless of which platform you play your next-gen title on, you get the most optimal and the best version of the title on your platform. Your platform can be Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, or even your PC. It provides a clear and streamlined approach to the games, which blur the lines between generations and platforms. 

The backward compatibility feature allows the users to bring their existing library of Xbox games along with them into the next-gen. This feature is a huge advantage for those people who already have an Xbox console. 


The price of Xbox Series X was finally revealed to be $499. It is the same price as Sony’s PS5 for the standard edition. It seems to be a fair price if one considers all the features it offers and how much time you will spend on it. 

Learning From Xbox One’s Mistakes 

Xbox One was very expensive, heavily reliant on Kinect, and emphasized online connectivity. Showing why t’s launch did not go so well, but Microsoft has come far. Now it focuses on making the next-gen products more consumer-friendly with extra exciting features. They learned from their past mistakes and made great progress, such as the Game Pass and backward compatibility. 

After carefully weighing the advantages, here are the disadvantages of Xbox Series X. 

Potential Long Wait For Exclusives 

We know that there are some pretty exciting titles for the new-gen, such as Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 from the Ninja Theory, a new take on the Fable series from the Playground Games, and so many more. But we don’t know how long the wait is for them and exactly when they will be released. The Halo Infinite will also perhaps be released this year or next. There does not seem to be many exclusives to look forward to for the immediate future. 


The size of the new-gen Xbox is a bit of a problem. It is bigger than any previous console ever. It measures to be approximately 6 inches wide and deep and 12 inches tall. It will require some serious readjustment to your entertainment area. 

Expandable Storage 

Xbox Series X offers the players an option to expand the already provided storage space of the console with a 1TB storage device, which will simply need to be plugged into the back of the system. This sounds all well and good till now. The problem is the enormous amount of money one will have to pay for this expandable storage. It costs $219.99, which is nearly half the price of the Xbox Series X itself. Furthermore, they are only meant for the new Xbox consoles. 

The Launch Line-Up 

The launch line-up is beyond unsatisfactory. There are little to no new exclusives to look forward to. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was available for the last-gen Xbox consoles too. This really puts a dent in the new-gen experience the Xbox Series X has to offer. 

Halo Infinite’s Delay 

Halo Infinite’s delay was a big disappointment in the launch of the Xbox Series X as it was supposed to be launched alongside the new-gen console. Due to the lack of satisfactory response by the fans, Halo Infinite’s launch has been pushed to somewhere in 2021. This was supposed to be the major launch from Microsoft, but now it is relying on third-party releases. This delay has managed to create a wedge in the various launch plans of Microsoft. 


There are quite the advantages and disadvantages to this console, but the choice is up to you.