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Most Useful Smart Home Products


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Smart home technologies and devices became more impressive and overarching than ever before. Using smart home devices or systems no longer means asking Alexa to play your favorite song or provide you information on the weather outside. Now with the latest improvement and development, you can use these home devices to grill meat at your upcoming barbecue party, turn the lights on or off in your living room or also command them to vacuum your floor.

These latest home devices and systems provide you with a sense of comfort or convenience, particularly when they are ordering your meal or making a call to your parents. Some devices  provide security to your home when you are out on vacation or business trips. In other words, they aren’t just for fun or games anymore – these systems are meant to fulfill some crucial and substantial needs. Now let’s dive into a list of the ten best smart home devices and systems out there, which will help decide which product or system will be best in enhancing your life.

If you connect all the devices correctly, there will be a simple to use system that works well. The products and devices (smart home ones) will run comfortably and enhance your experience. For a perfect experience, connect the devices properly. Given below are the best systems and devices for a smart home. 

Best Smart Home Systems

Amazon’s Alexa

Amazon’s Alexa has more than 20,000+ third-plus integration. Alexa is one of the best smart home ecosystems that are available today. It can be shocking to discover that Fire TV, Alexa, and thermostats, i.e., Ecobee4, are present in Alexa. These will help in making every aspect of your house easy to control and access. 

There are more benefits. Alexa understands commands through speech to turn on Spotify. It is as comfortable as commanding Alexa to switch the lights on and off in another room. Alexa is one of the most prevalent devices in the industry. Many smart products of Philips, Samsung, Schlage, and Nest can integrate seamlessly with Alexa, meaning now Alexa can lock the doors, close the garage, and adjust room temperature. Typically devices clearly state if they are compatible with Alexa.

Google Assistant 

Google Assistant has proven to be just as efficient as Alexa. Research by Dentsu digital agency 360i has found that, compared to Alexa, Google Assistant has proven to provide five times more accurate and correct answers. Ultimately, Google Assistant wins when it comes to understanding command or how people speak naturally. 

However, if you do not like a song on Spotify, Alexa will only tell you that the option for thumbs down and up are not available on Spotify, whereas Google Assistant will just skip to another song. Small differences like these can make any individual change their preference from Alexa to Google Assistant. Google Assistant can also integrate with many products manufactured by major brands like Belkin, Philips, Nest, and August. 

Wink Hub 2

This smart home device is specially made for mainstream customers. Unlike Google Assistant or Alexa, Wink doesn’t provide any brand loyalty, which helps you pick or choose any branded smart products and merge them seamlessly with one another. 

This product supports smart home protocols like Bluetooth LE, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, Lutron ClearConnect, Kidde, and many more. You can make an integrated smart home with modern kitchen appliances and appliances for the wall. For better and advanced services like turning off the lights, locking the garage door, and more, you can just install the Wink Hub App on your phone.

Samsung SmartThings Hub 

SmartThings is a smart device that unites many smart devices made by different brands, including light bulbs, Wi-Fi routers, and security devices. All the individuals who use the Samsung smart system will also get a wall mount (SmartThing Hub) to have complete access using an android app or IOS to connect to a hub. 

Recently many new products like SmartThings Wi-Fi plug, SmartThings Cam, and SmartThings Lightbulb have been released. You can also set these compatible devices to perform many tasks like turning lights on or off, voice command certain apps, and integrating Alexa and Google Assistant into the system.

Best Smart Home Devices

Best Lights: Philips Hue

The Philips hue bulb can control both intensities of dimming or brighten and change the color of light. The fun part is you can also make color-coordinated mood lights by choosing any theme of your liking on your app for a specific room and can too sync it with music. Apart from this, you can also set a color-coordinated alarm, ensuring that you wake up to bright and beautiful lights every morning. These Philips bulbs work with many smart home systems, which makes them a favorable and flexible option. If you don’t prefer colors, you can also buy Philips Hue White bulbs.

Best Speaker: The 2nd Generation of Amazon Echo

Echo is an affordable system for your home to fulfill your day to day needs. You can also connect it with other products at home. This speaker will fill your room with 360-degree audio with noise cancellation technology that will ensure audibility from any direction. With Echo’s help, you can order pizza, turn on the TV, and create a grocery list without leaving your bed or couch.

Best Light Switch: TP-Link HS200 

Smart lights like Philips Hue bulbs are quite effortless and fantastic until you flip the light switch; in such a case, your bulb will stop working until you flip it again. To avoid such problems, you should consider buying smart switch lights. You can control the light switches via phone or smart home devices. Kasa is an app that will help you in creating scenes or help you in executing smart actions. TP-Link works well with Google Assistant and Alexa; with that, you can also consider other options if you are using Wink, Apple Home Kit, or any other smart system.

Best Thermostat: Ecobee4

Ecobee4 thermostat allows its user to control the temperature in your room with voice commands. Still, in comparison with other thermostats, Ecobee4 can also work as Amazon Speaker to do everything that Alexa and Google Assistant can do, including playing music, making your grocery list, and controls other devices. This smart thermostat can integrate seamlessly with the home ecosystem and apps like Apple Homekit and Alexa. 

Best Security System: NetGear Arlo Q 

NetGear Arlo Q is a useful device made for home security. This device records high-quality audio and video and also produces high-quality images in pitch darkness. You can also set this device according to your requirements, whether you want the camera to start recording when you’re at work automatically or set a time-based schedule for when you are out for work. The best part is, this device provides you seven days of free recording of audio and video with free backup. 

Best Grill: Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker With SmartChef Technology

Grilling has many inconveniences, like walking in and out of the room to check on the meat, ensuring that the temperature is hot enough, and adding coals and fluid when necessary. This smart device makes you handle all these inconveniences quite easily and alerts you when your grill ready, and it can show you the internal temperature of any meat you have on the grill. 

Best Cooking Device: Perfect Bake Pro

When you struggle to figure out what you can cook with a half cup of flour, two eggs, or a handful of strawberries you have stored in your fridge, this device will allow you to intake these ingredients and then generates recipes with them. With this device’s help, you can also auto-scale the recipe according to the number of people or according to the ingredients you have available. You also generate a shopping list from the recipe you want to bake. The best part is, you can also use the bowl to measure the ingredients while adding them in—the smart bowl also informs you when you need to stop adding the ingredients.

Best Doorbell: Nest Hello

This hardwired Nest Hello video doorbell can connect to your Wi-Fi network, which will enable you to see who’s at your door in real-time without leaving your couch. This device also captures and records three-hour worth of video for absolutely free. But the best part of this product is, it uses facial feature recognition. There have been many controversies about facial recognition, but the way Google has it installed in this doorbell is the most feasible option. Nest Hello helps build your facial database, which is based on the people who visit your home. Once you have tagged all the regular visitors, the app will recognize them on its own and alert you whenever they visit.

Best Vacuum: Ecovacs Deebot N79S

This smart device will vacuum your entire floor for you. How amazing is that! It seamlessly integrates with other smart home systems and apps, it also provides you a manual steering option, and surprisingly cleans well. 

Best Smart TV: LG Smart TV

LG has been the first company of smart televisions that brought you Google Assistant and Alexa. With this device’s help, one may connect Hulu, Amazon Prime, a cable box, and Netflix. LG Smart TV also offers voice control capabilities that will allow you to command your TV to play any particular movie or series. If you want a cheaper option, you can select a basic smart TV, integrating into primary streaming services. You can also buy an LG TV with 4K, Alexa, and Google Assistant. 


Smart home systems and devices have become an essential product category. Their ability to control many aspects of your home via a smartphone app or voice command will undoubtedly be significantly prominent in upcoming years. 

These devices can help you climb the technology ladder to your smart home to help you keep up with the increasing demand for smart homes. The above recommended Smart home devices can bring your home into the future filled with technology and comfort. This article covers multiple categories of the best systems and tools that will help you in making day to day tasks easier.