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Is the iPhone 12 Going To Be Worth It?


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We all know the buzz that happens in the market every time Apple releases a product, and iPhone 12 is no less than any of its predecessors. Created based on new fundamentals and technology, and it will likely form a basis for future iPhones for years. The new iPhone is more advanced than the previous models, and it is said to have a unique design with flat edges that makes it appealing to hold. Now the question arises: Is the upgraded design, new features packed inside iPhone 12 an excellent reason to spend your hard-earned money? We will answer this question in our review and everything you want to know about iPhone 12. 

Review About Price and Availability in Apple iPhone 12

The Apple iPhone is now shipping, and you can buy it from Apple and many stores. It starts at $829 with 64 GB of storage, $879 for 128 GB, and $979 for 256 GB. As you may have heard, Apple is not shipping chargers and headphones with the iPhone 12, and not only this; it has removed them from iPhone 11, iPhone XR, and iPhone SE. However, you get a Lightning-to-USB-C cable to solve some of your problems. 

Review About Design 

We have used Apple for ages, and we know it rarely alters the design and appearance of any model, but people receive it with so much enthusiasm when it does. For iPhone 12, users have fallen in love with the flat-edge design, which is the modest revision in the iPhone series. Sure the flat edges give your phone an extraordinary look than the round edges we are used to seeing. With great design, Apple has improved iPhone 12’s durability by using Apple’s new ceramic shield material. Apple took this step because the rounded edges of the previous models made them more fragile. 

Many users may not be satisfied as the 6.1 inches iPhone 12 could be a bit taller for them. And if you want a compact design, you have no other option than going for iPhone 12 mini. If you’re not a fan of navy blue color, Apple offers four more colors for iPhone 12 – Mint Green, Black, White, and Red. 

Review About The Display 

Apple iPhone 11’s LCD has undoubtedly raised the bar, but the iPhone 12 surpasses that. All thanks to the new 6.1 inch XDR OLED Display, which is similar to what you get in iPhone 12 Pro. You get 2532 x 1170 resolution, which improves the clarity of on-screen content compared to iPhone 11’s 1792 x 898 resolution display. You may have heard that previous iPhones didn’t technically hit 1080p, but now with iPhone 12, Apple has resolved the problem. But again, where many Android phones have a refresh rate of 90 to 120 GHz, which makes scrolling smoother, but iPhone 12 is the same at 60 GHz, it has always been. 

In terms of brightness, iPhone 12 reached 569 nits at the highest setting, which falls short of Apple’s 625 nits estimate. Talking about the Delta-E accuracy test, iPhone 12 scores 0.29, which is lower than iPhone 11’s 0.22. However, color seems acceptable to the eyes. 

Review About The MagSafe 

As you know, of all the other things in iPhone 12, MagSafe is the most interesting. In simple words, it is a system of attaching things to the iPhone 12’s back with magnets’ help. You can connect wireless chargers, wallets, cards, cases, car mounts, and other things we haven’t thought of yet. 

For now, the premium accessory is the $30 MagSafe charging puck, which is Apple’s own and uses the same QI standards as any other wireless charger of any other phone. It additionally incorporates magnets too. The good news is the iPhone 12 will also be compatible with the wireless charger or QI accessories you already own. And here’s the bad news –  the MagSafe is slower than Apple’s 20W wired charger. We took a test for more accurate results, and we saw the 20W wired charger charges the iPhone by 50% in 30 minutes, whereas the MagSafe took an hour to do so. 

Some iPhone users will love the idea of attaching their apple leather wallet to their phone, but you need to know that iPhone 12 doesn’t sport a strong magnet, and as a result, your wallet may fall off due to the friction of pulling an iPhone 12 out of a tight pocket. 

Review About The Camera

And the most critical part is here – the camera. If you look at the outside, you won’t notice any changes made to the iPhone 12. There are no changes except for the primary wide-angle camera that goes from an f /1.8 aperture to f / 1.6 to allow a bit more light. But don’t let this deceive you, due to this change there’s 27% improvement in low light performance.  If you compare iPhone 12 models, the main thing to consider is that the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini have the same camera system. The iPhone 12 Pro adds LIDAR and telephoto for low lighting focus and a few more encoding options for images and videos. The iPhone 12 Pro Max has a main upgrade with improved image stabilization and a larger primary camera sensor. 

The A14 Bionic Processor has made it possible to unlock night mode for all the cameras, including the selfie camera with a night portrait mode. Apple has incorporated Smart HD3, where it combines multiple frames in a single frame. Also, there’s a new setting named Scene Detection. Thanks to the faster lens, the iPhone 12  drops to the night mode less often than iPhone 12. According to us, Night Mode features are worth a try, but some users will not agree with us because when you use selfie portrait in Night Mode, it won’t let you turn off the flash, and that’s a big problem if you wear spectacles. 

Review About The Video Quality

Apple has jumped to 4K HDR video with the iPhone 12 line. All the four iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max can record Dolby Vision Video. Dolby Vision goes beyond the regular HDR10 format to provide a superior color depth ensuring a consistent visual presentation aligned to the source material as close as possible. 

Review About Overall Performance 

It should not come as a surprise to you that iPhone 12 has a fast processing time. The iPhone 12 delivers the best class performance and all thanks to A14 Bionic, the first 5-nanometer processor ever embedded in a smartphone. The A13 was already faster in iPhone 11, but A14 beats it. Games load quickly and web pages without any hassle. Even the apps don’t need to reload when you’re multitasking. According to Apple, the GPU inside the A14 Bionic is 50 % faster than the A13. 

Review About Battery Life

As we know, Apple never reveals any figures for battery capacity for its devices. Battery life is good but relatively less than iPhone 11. Apple rates iPhone 12 for 17 hours of video playback and 65 hours of audio. In simple words, the battery of the iPhone 12 is not bad at all, and you’ll spend a whole day without any issues. Apple decided to forgo headphones and a charging brick from now onwards. Apple just packs a lightning-to-USB-C cable, which is again incompatible with any of the previous chargers you have. That means it won’t be of any use till you buy a new brick. 

Review About 5G in Apple iPhone 12

Many smartphones in the market support 5G, and you don’t have to pay extra for this anymore. In our opinion, your experience with 5G will entirely rely on where you are and what network you’re on. As we talk about the iPhone 12, it performs better than other 5G phones. It will handle the speed and pick up the signal without any hassle. From now, every 5G phone will automatically have Smart Data Mode. What’s unusual is when the iPhone limits you to LTE, it will still show a 5G icon in the bar. You can understand it this way that this icon would indicate the best speed available to you, not the actual connection you’re using. 

However, there are some considerations with 5G. Apple has worked hard to enable the iPhone 12 to work on any US network, but there are some band differences internationally. If you’re using physical SIM and eSIM on your phone, you can’t use 5G on both of them. If you turn on 5G data on both, you’ll get 4G or 5G on any one of them. So if you have an unlimited data plan, it will use 5G more freely. You can even download full iOS updates over 5G if you have unlimited data. 

The Final Verdict

The iPhone 12 is something in many years that feels like something new. The 5G works excellent, the OLED screen is incredible, and the battery is sufficient to last a full day. The iPhone 12 is going to be the new style for iPhones to come in the future. Users so far are pleased with the outcome, and few issues have arisen.