10 things – doing on your phone will increase your productivity

According to research, the average person will spend more than five years of their life on social media. This figure can be so scary how often we come to...
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According to research, the average person will spend more than five years of their life on social media. This figure can be so scary how often we come to Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook to see the latest happenings.

Sure, it might be nice to participate in mindless scrolls through your Instagram feed, but don’t you sometimes feel like we’re missing the opportunity to use these minutes better?

In an effort to make better use of the time spent on your phone, here are 10 productivity-enhancing tips that will definitely benefit you more than watching your friends’ Instagram posts.

Productive Things On Phone

1) Lumosity

If you’re looking for a more beneficial alternative to Candy Crush, try Lumosity, a brain-training program designed by scientists to meet your gaming needs. This application helps to enhance your cognitive abilities through fun games and puzzles.

2) TED

Whether you need company over your lunch break or you want something inspiring to listen to while pumping out a thick report, TED offers engaging, practical listening. Regular use will give you practical knowledge, conversation initiation, and a spark of motivation to move you through your day-to-day events.

3) Gutenberg Project

We’ve long talked about starting a book club in the office, but it can be a hassle to always keep a weighty novel close. The Gutenberg Project allows you to comfortably read over 53,000 books on your phone, including some of the world’s most respected books. For paper-devout, this app mimics this format like a book, so you will feel this app completely flipping from page to page.

4) Daily Page

Research suggests that journaling increases mental health and physical health. Entry in Daily Page: In this app, enter a new word hint every day and this app gives you 24 hours to complete this entry. Also, you can share your work with other users and read what they have brought, which provides a lot of creative inspiration.

5) Turn Off All Notifications

Try to hear only ringing sound in your phone, not notifications every now and then. Not even a message tone!

When you do this, you make it easy to set it up and forget about it, and when you’re using your phone, you simplify it to be more active. These devices are designed for rabbit-hole style destructions. Here the notifications keep telling you all the time that there are links for applications, applications, articles, videos to play, WhatsApp messages, this list is endless. But when all these notifications are turned off, you can do what you want to do on your phone. I guarantee that you won’t miss these notifications too much – for which many people remain in the loop to check every app on their phone, now they will see the messages without notifications.

6) Listen to a podcast or audiobook

Because phones are most distracting when used for short-term activities (for example, checking notifications, scrolling through news feeds, reading messages). So I try to use my phone only for long activities, such as listening to podcasts or audiobooks or reading a long article. This is especially effective when I am sitting in a bus, walking somewhere, or waiting in line. Using form content for a long time in this way allows me to learn more deeply about topics. Otherwise, which I could never know, and I can spend my free time in productive work.

7) Download The Moment App

While the Moment app certainly doesn’t solve all of the distracting phone issues, it certainly helps. This app tracks how you use your phone, how much time you spend daily and specifically on your phone. It is important to know how your time is spent on your phone, and from there you can make changes to make better use of your time.

Understanding is a step; From there you can take measures to improve your relationship with your phone.

8) Get Rid Of Unnecessary Apps

Every app is tempting to download, which seems to be useful. But in truth, you probably only use a handful and deviate from the rest. Social media apps are particularly distracting. At the very least, you should turn off notifications or silence notifications so that you don’t get upset every time you receive a new Facebook or WhatsApp message. I think actually using your phone and other devices in your senses can save you time. You are not obliged to be available 24/7 and do not need to read every new message coming second.

9) Unsubscribe from emails.

Protect your time and say no to annoying emails. I found it small self-esteem boosting trick. I feel like I’ve done something good when I ax a subscription that I usually never open and see.

10) Learn something new

Learn something new

If you are sitting in your car waiting somewhere alone or traveling in a bus/train, learn a new language using an app like Duolingo and Memrise. These provide a complete set of native, foreign language learning in the app. There are a ton of languages available for learning, but we can learn two languages that we particularly like.
you can learn on your phone (though obviously you can’t practice piano or juggling club on the move). Another idea is to refine the skills you already have, for example by watching new videos about coding, or reading posts about the latest cookery tricks for the kitchen.

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