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Smart Shoes: What Can They Do For You?


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Every day technology gets better, and there have been massive improvements in all fields. Homes are getting smarter, and there is smart luggage as well. The following new thing is smart shoes. These are unlike any other shoes that you may have seen. They can give you loads of data about various things. All the biggest brands are working towards making this a success. Everyone wears shoes for multiple activities, but the smart shoes coming out now are not just for exercise but also many other things.

Popular Brands Making Smart Shoes

Nike hyper-adapt 

The main feature is that the laces tie themselves, and the shoe adjusts to the shape of your foot. Nike calls it EARL or electric adaptable reaction lacing.


Xiaomi launched the Mijia smart shoes. This shoe aims to rival Nike’s products but at a cheaper price point. These shoes have an intel curie module that is based on a quark SE system.

Under Armour

Under Armor has shoes that are made to give you a zero-gravity feel. They made an energy web technology and what it is supposed to do is give you the same level of energy you put into the ground. 

Many new companies and startups are also working to make smart shoes

These shoes can track your running style to prevent any injuries and help you develop the correct running form. With constant use, you can even improve on your time. You could get a normal fitness tracker available in the market, and these trackers can show you how you run, but they cannot tell you how the running surface impacts your joints. These trackers in shoes will be much more precise, and they will give you more accurate data. 

Designing smart shoes is not easy. This is because you cannot just make a regular band or watch, but you have to integrate that technology into a shoe. Even though these shoes are not easy to design, you can use them in your workouts without much hassle. Your shoes can now track things in more detail. Your shoe can determine how you land, with pressure on the insole or outsole, etc. The shoes do have lots of sensors and the ability to connect to an application to all this possible. The main thing about the shoe is that it should also be comfortable and light. 

How do smart shoes work?

First, you have to make sure that your shoes are charged. Once that is done, there is a gyroscope that determines how your shoes have turned. It also tracks how your foot moves while you run. There is an accelerometer that determines how fast you are moving. Some shoes might have pressure sensors that can show you the weight distribution and how that impact happens. There could be an altimeter to track any hilly routes that you might be on. Finally, the shoes need Bluetooth to connect to a phone. 

Smart shoes for runners 

This might be the most commonly used form of smart shoes. Fitness trackers are already very common in the running field, and this can be an addition to that. Smart shoes can measure all the details about your running, and they can put this data into a proper format and give you suggestions on what you can do to improve and get better. Smart shoes have a unique feature where they can loosen and tighten the shoelaces as you require. This can help to protect your ankles and tendons. 

Smart shoes for gamers 

EA Sports, Google, and Adidas have made shoes where you can play a normal game, and the shoe tracks your movements. Any sprint or tackle that you do gets logged in, and then you can get rewards that you can use in FIFA mobile. This is a good way to improve your physical health and get some incentive to play outside as well. 

Smart shoes for senior people and the physically impaired 

You can also use these shoes for seniors to find out problems. You could use the data collected from the shoes to heal after an injury or an accident. You can catch even symptoms of any problem using these shoes. If the person’s balance is failing, then it can be made certain that something is wrong. If an older person is living by themselves, these shoes can detect a sudden fall, and they can notify the person who has connected to the shoes, and medical help can be brought quickly so these shoes can help save lives. 

Benefits of smart shoes

These shoes are already here in the market, and people have started to use these products. There are plans to introduce a running feedback coach that can tell you how you have run and how you can improve. In the future, shoes might develop more grip on roads that do not have lots of grips, and these shoes can loosen their grip on a road that has proper grip. You can use all the data you receive from these shoes, you can see patterns and how you run, and you could figure out more ways to improve. Anyone who uses these shoes could see massive improvements in their running because you can get a proper idea of how your shoes are perceiving the data. You can get more fit in mind as well as body. 


If you wish to exercise, all you need is yourself, but all these things can help you in your exercise journey. You do not need a smart shoe, but they can help you get stronger and fitter because of all the shoes’ calculations. As mentioned above, these features are not just for runners, but they can also benefit older people who live alone, people with disabilities, and gamers. 

The scope of using these shoes is increasing, and it is yet to be seen how the market responds to it because people will not buy smart shoes if they are more expensive than they should be. It will take time before it is made very widely available, but you can still buy these shoes right now if you wish to. It is up to your needs and budget if you wish to invest in these shoes.