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Gadgets You Want In A Survival Situation


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You understand the meaning of survival when you are in a survival situation. It may not be an everyday affair; however, it is always better to prepare yourself. Survival kits become handy for outdoor camps and treks. Using these kits does not require adventure training from Bear Grylls. These are simple to use and do not require special skills or knowledge.

Another great advantage of survival kits is that their quality is much better than everyday stuff we buy. In addition, these gadgets are stylish and sturdy and will see you through for years. Here are our top gadgets that you will need in a survival situation. 

Swiss Army Knife

A swiss army knife is a perfect companion for outdoor camping. It is the most compact, and helpful thing ever invented that is always ready in your pocket. The best variants of the gear have as many as 33 high-quality tools with a stylish design. 

All tools of this knife are manufactured from high-grade stainless steel. The steel is annealed, tempered, and polished to achieve the required hardness and optimum corrosion resistance. The perfect multipurpose gear comes with a lifetime guarantee against defects in material and production.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

When you are lost in the wilderness, there will be high dehydration and scarce clean drinking water. A LifeStraw is an essential kit for outdoors and camping. It is a useful kit that allows you to drink directly from streams and puddles of muddy water. In addition, the filter comes at a reasonable price as well.

The personal water filter can be a real-life saver as it can remove 99.99% of bacteria and parasites. It is also effective in eliminating microparticles of plastic or any other solvent in water. A single filter can purify one thousand liters of water. All claims made by the company have been verified by lab testing using protocols set by US EPA and ASTM for water purifiers.

Solar Powered FlashLight (solar-powered winch-up flashlight)

A solar-powered flashlight is an essential survival gadget for dark hours. Also, a built-in rechargeable battery generates power for more than ten minutes by one minute crank; solar panels come in handy as a backup powering method. In addition, solar panels give 120 minutes of light after one hour of direct sunlight charging.

The flashlight has an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand. It is a perfect companion for outdoor camps and even daily use. It also has a clip to secure the flashlight to your backpack when on the move. 

Emergency Sleeping Bag (A tact Bivvy emergency sleeping bag)

If you do not have the right kit, outdoor sleeping bags may not solve the purpose. You might get attacked by bugs, reptiles and other insects creeping inside your sleeping bag. In addition, any average sleeping kit might even fail to protect you from the vagaries of nature. An emergency sleeping bag will solve many of your problems. It is dustproof, waterproof, and will keep you safe from insects and reptiles in any emergency. Moreover, the bag is surprisingly light in weight but will protect you from cold weather. The bag has a bright reflective color, purposely made to get sighted in emergencies. 

Camp Stove (Biolite camp stove)

A camp stove can be a handy increment in your survival gadget. Apart from a heating and cooking appliance for camps and picnics, it can save you in many ways. Connectivity is essential in a survival situation. If you can make a call, you will be saved. This camp stove has a unique feature that can charge your cell phone.

The camp stove generates power by burning biomass. You can prepare a quick meal for yourself and also charge your phone. You may not be able to charge your phone fully, but a little power is enough when you desperately need to contact someone for help.

Trauma Bag (Everlit 250-piece survival first aid kit)

Buying an already prepared emergency kit is a good way to go because then you are sure to have everything you need. It comes in handy for camping, outdoor adventures, and survival situations such as earthquakes. It seems like a small compact backpack, but the essential 250 kits will tell a different story. 

The bag contains everything you need, from emergency tools like glow sticks and knives to a complete first aid kit. The kit is lightweight and can be carried easily during outdoor activities. 

Emergency Thermal Blanket (Swiss safe Mylar Emergency Thermal Blankets)

In a cold outdoor environment, you need to preserve your body heat to survive. The mylar blanket helps you maintain as much as 90% of your body heat. In addition, the blanket can completely block snow, rain, and moisture. The blanket comes in a pack of four with an extra gold-colored space blanket. It is made of high-quality military-grade fabric, making it rugged and durable. The company also guarantees 100% money back if you are not satisfied with the product. 

Personal SOS Alarm (personal alarm)

A personal alarm is handy in an emergency, regardless of who you are. The 120-dB siren is audible up to 1300 feet. It is convenient to deter an attacker who might attack you when alone. 

It also has a three-light mode that comes in handy in dark lit-up areas. It makes running and walking possible in the dark. Using the gear is easy; all you have to do is pull the pin, and the alarm will sound for 30 minutes. It is also useful to scare away bears and other wild animals.


You may never land up in an emergency, but it is always better to prepare for the worst. Survival training boosts up our confidence and gives us techniques to endure when needed. If you are well prepared, you will handle the situation much better. We hope these ten survival gadgets will come in handy not only in your day-to-day adventure activity but also in an emergency.