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Pros vs Cons: Sony’s Playstion 5


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5 Reasons To Buy A PlayStation 5 Instead Of An Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X/Series S and PS5 have just been released after what it feels are like an endless wait. During the past year, Microsoft and Sony each shared their fair share of what they will deliver in terms of new titles, hardware, and technological capabilities, and much more, from the launch of their latest consoles. However, apart from the systems’ tech requirements themselves, it is merely that the arrival of a new generation of consoles still excites our experiences in the coming years.

The Exclusives

Of course, it depends on which games you’re a fan of, but overall, Sony has historically had the best exclusivities. Thanks to Spree’s purchase from Microsoft, several developers such as the Bethesda Skyrim creator will start to shift. All these new studios mean that Xbox Series X includes more and more diverse content.

In the meantime, Sony has a real, exclusive PlayStation. While some also will be released on PS4, we should expect all the exclusive Sony products very soon to be transferred to PS5. The launch jewel of the crown is the remake of Demon’s Souls, and just PlayStation 5.

The Dual Sense Gamepad

From all accounts — we haven’t had the chance to use either of the gamepads – the Dual Sense gamepad is real control.

The enhanced haptic feedback sounds outstanding, bringing true immersion in next-generation games. When you read an announcement about a game that is taken into the next generation, it still tells you how cool the Dual Sense is. Incredibly, both this No Man’s Sky and this Fortnite announcement.

The New Tempest Engine

We learned a lot about the outstanding new PlayStation 5 3D audio alongside the Dual Sense controller. The new Tempest Audio Engine is designed for realistic 3D audio in games.

The better your headphone or sound system, the more value to your games is your bright new PS5.  You can not benefit from the top graphics if you don’t have a nice TV or monitor. Yet, they come to life with a large screen.

The PS5’s new 3D audio capability should make it the best-sounding console on the market, and it’s better than ever for your games and other media.

The Price

It costs $499.99 for PS5 and Xbox Series X. At $299.99, the Xbox S Series is much, much cheaper.

However, the sweet point may be the $399 Digital Version of PlayStation 5. That’s more than the Series S, but it’s a console that is still as powerful for a hundred dollars less than the standard PS5.

Now, I know that this might not be a choice for anyone. This is because, in your used games, you can’t swap and buy other used games. Digital, while not printed on physics paper, is also (ironically) more costly.

However, this is an excellent deal for those who don’t care for used games initially.

The PS Plus Collection

For all PS Plus subscribers, this is a huge one. It gives you access to almost 20 games from Sony and third-party studios. Although this may go further in the future, they have already added 2.

There are last-gen titles, of course, but most of them are top-notch, and loading on PS5 should be quicker and better. It is part of your PS Plus membership to have everything on the first day of your entry.

It makes the PS5 a much more viable console in its early months when there are only a few next-generation games out.


AED 2,099 is the two-clock in. Oh yeah, that’s a fair bit of transition, but remember how much fun you’ll have from your new console for hours. They are less costly to use than regular gym memberships, and in six months, you will be much more likely to use them.


The Xbox Game Pass is the best gun in Microsoft’s arsenal. The Monthly Subscription Plan ($14.99) enables users to access and enjoy the original Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Series X Back Catalog games. You can also play Xbox new games on the day that the subscription is available. In this regard, the PlayStation cannot necessarily complete.


For Sony, this is another unnecessary win. The PlayStation 5 has the appearance of a BMW i8 and is the same size as the vehicle. It would be harder than ever to find a position near your tally to park it if you lie on its side or stand up. Still, a big console is the Xbox Series X.

Overall, PS5 has many amazing attributes. There are cons to all consoles, but PlayStation is a clear winner.