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Performance Moniters: From Budget To High End

While there are the very advanced and high resolution monitor models, they are often costly and cannot be afforded by everyone. We know that expensive monitors can bring you the best performance, but finding cheap monitors with excellent quality is a challenging job. We have reviewed several best displays globally and have brought you our favorite ones in this article. Among these budget-friendly monitors, one has an excellent 1080p resolution. But some other budget gaming monitors are fantastic for 4K movies. If you do not wish to compromise with the quality and yet find a cheap monitor, this is the right spot. 

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Here are some affordable monitors with the best features you will get in a low price range. 

Samsung 27-inch SF354

If you are looking at the economic end and want a basic monitor with everything you may need, it is the right model. Remember a few points before buying any monitor. Unless your home doesn’t have space for one, please do not go for anything less than 27 inches and 1080p resolution. 

You will get a pleasant experience from your office at home with this screen size. The Samsung SF354 aims to meet the right standards with being in your price range. It is a complete value for money. This model includes one HDMI port and 250 nits max brightness. 

The attractive design and perfect display quality can’t let you take your eyes off. Eye Saver mode and AMD FreeSync available in this cheap monitor brings you the best image quality and makes it one of the best budget gaming monitors. 

You can work for a long time and play smoothly. With AMD Radeon graphics cards, it gets you an astonishingly amazing gaming experience. You get Samsung SF354 (27 inches) at 110 dollars. If you prefer a 24 inches screen, you need to pay 70 dollars. 

Pixio PX248 Prime

You get this monitor at an astonishingly low price with all the vital features for gamers and professionals. With high refresh rates of 144 Hz, you get a fast display and full support for both G-Sync compatibility and FreeSync Premium. Now that we know it is sync compatible, you should also know that your video games will run smoothly. 

There will be no screen tearing because frame rates and refresh rates line up with each other. The aspect ratio of Pixio is 16:9, and the screen resolution is 1,920 x 1,080. It does not drop in the TN panel, which is a cheap way. Instead, it uses the IPS panel to give a 1ms response time and 400 nits of brightness. 

Although you will not get the best stand with Pixio PX248 Prime, it saves the extra cost you may have to pay otherwise. The weight is also reduced for this monitor model. On the back of the monitor, you get the VESA mounting holes. The monitor can always be upgraded as per your choice and need. 

Acer ET322QU Abmiprx

If you want to have a 32 inches monitor at a low price range, you need not compromise on the quality. For the gamer and professionals who do not want to break their bank, Acer ET322QU Abmix is the best model. It is an affordable monitor with many qualities like accurate colors. The resolution of its screen is 2560 x 1440. There is no blurriness, and the frame is oversized. 

If you buy cheap monitors with lower resolution, the color accuracy is not up to the mark, even if the monitor size is large. Whether you use the extra screen to enhance your real estate work productivity or want a monitor with a correct viewing angle for playing games, you can choose Acer ET322QU Abmiprx with a high resolution.

However, there’s more to this model than resolution alone. With a low price range, this monitor brings you a high refresh rate (75 Hz). Other models may give you a refresh rate of 60 Hz at a low price, but not high refresh rates. Acer ET322QU Abmiprx may not be a high-end monitor for playing games, but the high refresh rate will make your experience pleasant and smoother. Many cheap monitors bring you the TN panel, but Acer’s IPS panel is fantastic for color accuracy and viewing angle. 

ViewSonic Elite XG240R

ViewSonic Elite XG240R is a monitor with 24 inches screen size and is the best for gamers. The sync capability is proved through an AMD FreeSync panel. With accurate colors and a fantastic response time of 1ms, you get high refresh rates of 144 Hz. You get a screen resolution of 1,920 x 1,080, and the aspect ratio is 16:9. The 1080p resolution monitor has one DisplayPort and one HDMI for hookups. You can connect two devices in this ideal small screen size monitor. The contrast ratio of its screen is 1000:1. At the testing of 60 Hz, you get a high input lag. 

Samsung C27F398 Curved Monitor

This model is mainly made for people who are attracted to the concept of curved monitors. It is believed that curved monitors are expensive, but you will be surprised to know the price of this Samsung curved monitor. It is a monitor of 27 inches screen size with 1920 x 1080 resolution. The 1800R curvature is fantastic to make you feel the display is wrapping all around you. You may try this Samsung monitor even it may not entirely affect your performance. 

The image quality is also excellent because of the curvature with the low price range. Along with the relatively sleek screen, Samsung does not use the IPS panel. It utilizes the technology of the VA panel. Even if you do not get accurate colors and need to compromise in the viewing angle, you will not notice the issue in your daily life. 

In Samsung C27F398, you will not find built-in speakers. It is a standard price model when it comes to connectivity. HDMI and DisplayPort allow you to connect this monitor with laptops and desktop computers without any adapter. However, you will not find USB-C in this cheap monitor with a curve. 

Asus TUF Gaming VG289Q

You may not believe us, but this fantastic monitor costs only 400 dollars. Wait for more. Asus TUF Gaming VG289Q is a 4K gaming monitor. However, one should not think that this monitor model solely focuses on the resolution and neglects other features. It is one of the best models for gamers that want fantastic image quality and contrast ratio with graphic cards. The creation of the game makers becomes crystal clear to computer game players. 

With approximately 9 ms of input lag, it is a 28 inches monitor with a color depth of 10 bits. The pixel density of this 4K resolution monitor is also the best. Asus doesn’t use the TN panel and instead focuses on the IPS panel. When you combine the support for HDR10 with color accuracy and enjoy the pc games, the frame rates per second may not be around 60 when you are gaming, but your games can still look great because of the FreeSync. 

BenQ EL2870U

You get a 4K resolution for watching movies or gaming with this cheap monitor from BenQ. For the professionals who want the best resolution at a low price range, this model is appropriate. You may need to pay slightly more. But the anti-glare screen with 28 inches screen size will provide an excellent experience while playing games, watching, or working. The extra detail and good contrast ratio of this monitor make it worth having at home. You get fantastic color accuracy with HDR support and FreeSync technology. 

When you use AMD-based GPUs, the fact that this model is sync compatible removes the issue of screen tearing. You get DisplayPort 1.4 and HDMI 2.0 as ports. However, one cannot connect some peripherals with this monitor because of the absence of USB ports. So, before buying BenQ EL2870U, be sure that you will not require USB ports anytime in the future for as long as you are planning to use this performance monitor. 

Asus VG245H

If you are a gamer searching for an affordable monitor, Asus VG245H is the right choice for you. The performance quality of this cheap monitor will not reduce, even if the cost is low. For those who do not want to break their bank, this 1080p resolution and 24 inches screen size is the best model for you. The response time is 1ms with TN panel and high refresh rates up to 75 Hz. 

You will get accurate colors designed for those who want to have a better view and play games. It is among the best budget gaming monitors. The adaptive sync technology of Asus VG245H that lies under the umbrella of Nvidia’s “G-Sync Compatible” is great. The shuttering and on-screen tearing are eliminated because of AMD’s FreeSync. 


In this article, the best and less expensive monitor models are presented before you. These gaming monitors are fantastic because of the qualities they provide in an affordable price range. Among these monitors, from budget to high end, choose your gaming and professional model today.