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Health Risks Of 5g Phones And The Electromagnetic Spectrum


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For broadband cellular networks, 5g is the fifth-generation technology. It is also the successor of 4g networks. According to the GSM Association, by 2025, the users will be more than 1.7 billion subscribers. The service area is divided into small geographical areas known as cells. All the 5g devices are connected to the telephone network and internet by radio waves through the cell’s antenna. The main advantage of this network is its fast downloading speed and greater bandwidth. Due to its increased bandwidth, it will now serve cellphones, desktop computers, and laptops.

Risk Of Cancer 

Many types of research found that mobile networks cause cancer. However, it was an animal-based study involving male and female rats. NTP or National Toxicology Program is an interagency, federal program that works for the betterment of the public by safeguarding them from the harmful substances in the environment. Their research concluded that rats exposed to radiofrequency radiation in 2g and 3g formulate cancerous heart tumors. The evidence was equivocal whether the cancer they observed was due to the RFR. They applied the radiofrequency radiation on the rats’ whole body, but they cannot compare the studies’ exposure directly to humans.

Wireless Network And Visible Light

Wireless networks have become an essential part of our lives, and more than 7 billion people use smartphones. All digital wireless services use the electromagnetic spectrum. 

Visible light communication uses visible light between 400-800 THz, and it is a data variant of it; its wavelength varied from 7000-4000. The Li-fi is the high-speed communication variant that can unlock the vast unaccustomed electromagnetic spectrum. Li-Fi utilizes light to transmit data. 

Visible lights, gamma rays, and microwaves are all electromagnetic waves that differ in their wavelength. Radio antennas can produce visible light. Electromagnetic waves have different frequencies from infrared, radio, visible, and ultraviolet to X-rays. FM radio emits visible rays, and you can see the visible light by just heating it. FM radios have the shortest wavelength and carry more energy.

5g Technology 

Many scientists and doctors consider the 5g technology risk to public health. Some also argue that the 5g will have a devastating impact on our nature. The MMVs will cause damage to the cell of wheat plants, and it will also affect our atmosphere. Though there are many benefits of 5g, like downloading movies in seconds, it will boost up in your cellular data, and you’ll get the speed 100 times faster than 4g. It will improve cellular connectivity.

Biological Effects Of 5g Networks

5g networks are the fastest cellular networks ever evolved. It utilizes ultra-high-frequency and has the shortest wavelength. However, there is not any research on the threat of biological problems by 5g networks. In the late 1990s, the Department of Defence conducted a study on the use of millimeter waves as a lethal weapon. The non-ionizing radiation protection has set the safety limit for the benefit of 5g millimeter waves by this research. 

Electromagnetic Radiation 

Electromagnetic radiations carry electromagnetic radiant energy, including radio waves, microwaves, x rays, and gamma rays. These radiations have more thermal-related effects. It can also be classified into two types of ionizing and non-ionizing radiations. X rays and gamma rays are ionizing radiations with higher frequencies and extreme ultraviolet rays. The new radio waves technology in the 5g will be below 6 GHz and spectrum in higher frequency up to 100 GHz. New studies have found that electromagnetic waves from a cell phone can cause brain tumors though there is no evidence that the effect is harmful.

Small Cells And Cell Towers

The 5g networks provide fast speed and lower costs that require the wireless network in small cells. Many telecom industries have already been using these small cells in 3g and 4g deployment. But in the 5g, the connectivity doesn’t travel that far and can’t infiltrate the walls.

Cell towers will be restricted to lower-level spectrum, and in urban areas, the operators will depend on small cells. The radio waves in the small cells are too low levels. 

How To Reduce Its Exposure?

Many experts suggest that the best way to keep cell tower radiation infiltrating in your home is by having a conductive enclosure around the house. Maintain more distance from the buildings, and eat fresh fruits and vegetables to keep your body cells healthy.

World Health Organization

WHO is administering an assessment on health risk from radio frequencies to exposure, including 5g connectivity. It supports the long-term health impact of all the facets of mobile networking communications. It is also working to help the public understand their health and mobile communications.


The bottom line is that 5g networking is not as dangerous as people think. Conspiracy theories change many people’s perspectives, so take what you hear with a grain of salt and do your own research on the topic