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Coolest PS5 Accessories You Can Buy Today!


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The Sony Interactive Entertainment Company is a home for electronic products and the famous video game console series, the PlayStation series. The first-ever original PlayStation was launched in Japan back in 1994, from where it went on to become the first video game console that shipped more than 100 million units worldwide! It got more credibility than its Japanese electronic opponent Nintendo because it was cheaper, had full-motion video, and because this Play Station had more games to offer than the ones provided by Nintendo. 

With this, the percentage of adults and children interested in these video game consoles increased. The incredible success that PS1 received acted as an incentive to establish a chain of these advanced Play Stations (PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4). There was a guarantee of the games’ latest upgrades and a broader memory capacity with every new PlayStation, which attracted more crowds.

In 2020, when everyone was under strict lockdown due to the Covid Pandemic, news of the launching of the most awaited console by all gamers- the PS5, can be regarded as the best news heard of the year. With its recent launch on 12th November in the United States, everyone scrambled to buy this next generation Playstation 5. There is so much demand for this gaming console that there is a waiting list for the following stock! This article will help you become acquainted with every accessory you need to know and purchase with the 5th generation PlayStation.

The latest exciting accessories that the Sony Company has invented for your best gaming experience range from the dual charging station, the 3D audio to the latest thrilling games introduced in this Play Station. 


Adaptive Trigger

Then there is the adaptive trigger that lets you experience every varying level of force and the tension in all your actions. So if you plan to pull a tight bowstring in your game, be completely prepared to feel the physical resistance and strain in your move! Not only this but to make your gaming experience even more memorable, they have also accompanied the DualSense with the built-in microphone and a headset jack. So you can chat with your fellow gamers online, mute the voices with a dedicated mute button, and also connect your headset to the 3.5 mm jack if need be. 

Media Remote

The following accessory, the sleek Media Remote, is relatively easy and helpful in navigating an extensive range of entertainment provided on PS5. AA batteries power it, and after choosing the option to connect to the remote present on the PS5 system menu and holding two buttons on the remote, you are all set to use it as per your needs! The remote already has a playback button, pause, fast forward/reverse button, a volume control button, a TV power button, and apps like Netflix, Disney+, and YouTube. There is also a microphone button at the center of the remote; however, Sony said that this particular button is for future use, which is exciting because it only indicates that there will be some voice control feature shortly on this remote! 

The new games introduced with this Play Station are 

    • Demon’s Souls, 
    • Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, 
    • Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, 
    • The Astro’s Playroom

One more exciting feature is that you can play almost every PS4 game on the PS5 with a considerably better visual aid. 

Everyone likes to capture their most significant moments, so why not a gamer who is living his most epic gaming moments? 

HD Camera

The PS5 HD camera has dual lenses of 1080p and has a ‘create’ button that creates a recording or broadcasts the gamer and his game. It is a hassle-free accessory because it has an adjustable stand and can be positioned anywhere, above/below the TV, so it captures your setup. 

Background Removal Tool 

This tool crops the unwanted environment around and captures the essential factor in the frame. Moving on, what makes every gaming session worthwhile and even more engaging? The sound system! With this new PlayStation and its advanced features, this gaming system also has 3D audio that provides extraordinary sonic immersion. 

3D Audio

This 3D audio is called Tempest and gives, as you guessed, 3D sound effects throughout the game. It also offers an accurate audio positioning so you can plan your action based on the footsteps sounding from the other room. It is possible because of the audio algorithms used to create natural sounds in the environment, which helps your brain isolate that sound’s perfect location to take full advantage of this fascinating audio system.

Pulse 3D Wireless Headset

The PS5 also introduced the new Pulse 3D wireless headset with a noise-canceling feature. This new headset will put you in the center where you feel all kinds of sounds coming from every direction (exciting, right?) and has a headband strap that can adjust as per your convenience. So if you will be playing the Astro’s game, be prepared to hear spaceships zoom past you. 

The Razer BlackShark V2

The Razer BlackShark V2 with titanium of 50mm, which delivers a high, low, and medium sound, can give impressive effects while gaming. It also offers comfort because of the cooling gel infused with ear cushions preventing the headset from getting too hot and allowing you for a long gaming session. 

Other Items To Consider

With two Dualsense controllers, even with their long-lasting batteries, they still need charging after a point in time. To help with this, we have DualSense Charging Station, which can capture both the controllers simultaneously without keeping them connected to the PS5. It also keeps your USB ports free. So if your one controller has run out of battery, you can keep it for charging in your click-in charging dock and use the other charged controller without losing track of your game. 

Unfortunately, despite having all the technologically enhanced upgrades and one of the fastest drives which download all the games faster than ever before, this said drive is not that big to hold as many games as one would expect. The console’s 825 SSD leaves only 667 GB as usable storage, which could be small for the size of launch games like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War- which alone is 133 GB! So until the new update for the storage of this Play Station comes along, for storing PS4 games, you can use an external SSD like the Samsung T7 Touch, which is 500 GB and has the security of fingerprint scanner and is also reasonably priced. 

The speedy transfers through its USB-C cable are usually considered the best option for people. The next must-have accessory for games like Grand Turismo Sport on PS5 is the racing wheel. Sony officially declared that some racing wheels that were compatible with PS4 could be in PS5. However, Thrustmaster T300 and TX wheels, which are considered the best, have officially announced that they are consistent with the PS5. It is the perfect mixture of power and smoothness that delivers the sense of realism while driving and has a sturdy wheel and pedals made of metal. While it has drawbacks like expenses, it is still the right choice for every enthusiastic to buy this one. All the gamers out there who are excited to play the Grand Turismo Sport on their new PS5 can purchase the Thrustmaster T300 for a better racing experience! 


These listed accessories for your best gaming experience can be bought from Amazon stock online and highly recommended. Even though many of the advanced features of this console are available, many more updates are yet to come, and you can only sit tight with the anticipation of what all these recent updates have in store for you. Grab these unique accessories soon and have the time of your life!