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Everything You Need To Know About The Apple Glasses

Apple has been working on a new project called “Apple Glasses.” Little is known about these glasses, but further information is coming out all the time. Some speculate that the Apple Glasses will be a new augmented reality device, while others believe they will be a pair of smart glasses. This article will discuss everything there is to know about the Apple Glasses and what they could potentially mean for the future of augmented reality. Stay tuned for updates as more information about these glasses becomes available!

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What Are The Apple Glasses?

With a lot of buzz around the soon-to-be-released VR headset from Apple, it leaves many people wondering what comes next from this tech giant? As far as virtual and augmented reality goes, most signs point to the release of the Apple Glasses. The Apple Glasses will be more of an everyday item than the headset, as they will resemble the normal glasses people wear daily. According to one source, the glasses resemble regular glasses, with both lenses displaying interactive displays that may be interacted with using your hands.

What Features Will The Apple Glass Have?

According to a new report, Apple is working on using Sony OLED microdisplays. Sony’s OLED microdisplays have an ultra-quick response rate, high contrast, a broad color gamut, high luminance, low reflectance, and built-in drivers for a thin and light design.

The glasses are expected to have a 0.5-inch screen with a 1280×960 resolution. Some consumers anticipate that the AR glasses will be marketed as an iPhone accessory. Instead, they will primarily take a display function away from the phone, delivering a mobile-first optical see-through AR experience. If the glasses are an iPhone accessory, Apple can make them smaller and lighter.

A leaked Apple patent has created rumors that the company is working on smart glasses that do not require prescription lenses, as they will automatically adjust for those with weak eyesight using an “optical subassembly.” Another recent patent suggests that Apple may use a projection-based method to project images straight into the user’s eye. This would eliminate the need for any transparent display.

When Will The Apple Glasses Come Out?

Rumors of a possible Apple Glasses release date have been swirling for years now, which each rumor, it becomes less and less likely that there is any truth behind them. However, that might all change soon because Apple has just announced its “Peek” Performance event.

The usage of the word Peek instead of Peak suggests that eyewear may be a topic at the show, implying audiences may finally get a look at the Apple Glasses. If attendees do get a glimpse of them, they might also learn about the release date for the device. Current rumors indicate that Apple will release Apple Glasses in late 2022 or early 2023, but until then, you will have to wait and see what Apple says officially.

Security Concerns Of The Apple Glasses

In a recently leaked patten, it seems as if Apple is keeping in mind a lot of the security and privacy concerns people may have with the apple glasses. One of the biggest concerns potential users have is the glasses’ filming ability. So rumors have it that Apple is exploring different ways in which the Apple Glasses won’t secretly record people against their wishes. One of the ideas that Apple is said to be considering is making the camera module detachable. The modular accessory would also allow businesses such as bars and cinemas to ban the modular accessory while still allowing people to wear the glasses without it.

Apple may be planning to implement lights that would illuminate when the device is recording, but attempting to do so may cause the camera to stop working. The idea behind this patent is that the lights on the camera would pulsate in an encrypted manner while the lens captures images of reflections in the recorded environment. If the camera can’t identify the pattern, the recording would automatically stop.

How Much Will The Apple Glasses Cost?

Just like anything else Apple, the glasses are going to be expensive. The current estimate is that they will cost around $500. However, this is just a guess, and the price could change by the time they are released. The Oculus Quest costs $399, and the HoloLens 2 costs $5000. The biggest question on whether or not the Apple Glasses will be similar in price to Oculus or if they will be closer to the Hololens is their relation to the iPhone.

As mentioned earlier, if the glasses are released as just an iPhone accessory, they won’t have to rely on internal tech for processing, making them much cheaper to produce. However, if they are a stand-alone product, like the HoloLens 2, there is a good chance you will be looking at a much higher price.


Apple Glasses are coming soon, and there is a lot of speculation about what they will be like. Some believe that they will be a game-changer for how we interact with technology, while others think they will be another flop from Apple. For the most part, you will have to wait and see! However, with all the information getting leaked or those close to the project speculating on potential features, a bit of a framework is created on what this highly anticipated tech may look like!

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