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Best Accessories For PC Gaming


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Uncover some of the best gaming accessories on the market and upgrade your gameplay with better controls and experience. 

PC gaming is becoming increasingly popular, especially among Gen Zs. While it is a great way to connect with friends after a long tiring day and loosen up a little, the endless scope in the gaming world, as pro-gamers, developers, etc., is equally astounding. 

One might be a brilliant player with several tricks and tips up their sleeve, ready with everything from ample storage to powerful graphic cards and RAM for a challenging game. However, the fun and overall gaming quality are incomplete without proper gaming accessories, as a regular mouse and keyboard are not designed to fit the gaming needs and comfort. After all, every PC, even the ones for gamers, is primarily designed to provide productive use, significantly reducing otherwise endless opportunities.

The following article brings you the top gaming accessories for PC, guaranteeing an enhanced experience for all PC gamers out there. 

Gaming Headsets

The video quality of the game, for once, can be compromised with, but not the audio. Clipping audio or the one that keeps syncing in and out or has lags can get frustrating and even damage your hearing.

You can directly connect the Artics 7 over-ear headset by SteelSeries to the computer with a cable or wirelessly through a 2.4Ghz wireless audio receiver. The headset supports DTS, a Dolby-designed audio code that stimulates the surround sound by mixing stereo audio and 360 degrees of audio precision.

Apart from being flexible, the microphone on the headset is efficient in eliminating background noise, claiming to provide studio-quality voice clarity.

Unlike the typical wireless headphones, the Artics 7 provides a 24-hour long battery life, so you could indulge in long gaming sessions without stressing over the battery life.

The SteelSeries also features a PC app. You can manually adjust a variety of settings to fit your needs, including changing the volume of individual apps running at once.

Gaming Mouse

An engaging and well-played game is all about actions and commands. Since the mouse and keyboard are among the most widely used PC gadgets for playing games, despite the number of other options available today, the need for precision and comfort for these grows deep.

The razer viper wireless mouse fits the description with a high-precision interaction, ambidextrous design, and eight programmable buttons. 

The ultra-fast charging dock allows long gaming sessions with minimum charging time, eradicating the need for batteries. Everything from lags in response time to the freedom from attached wires, interrupting the play, are resolved with these gaming mice.

The razer optical mouse switches are faster and better than the traditional mechanical switches, as they use light-beam-based actuation. Furthermore, the 20k DPI optical sensors make the whole experience even more worthwhile.

Virtual Reality Headsets

In this world of advanced technologies, simple PC gaming will soon be a thing of the past. The evolution of games brought about by virtual reality gaming has shifted pro-gamers interest towards a more immersive experience. 

Leading the race, Oculus Rift S brings to its users a vivid and fun experience with a reduced “screen-door” effect. With the superior design and years of efforts to improve the device’s comfort and practicality, Oculus Rift S ensures a smooth translation of your motions into the game without heavy software hindering the functions.

Every movement, punch, or throw is precisely and speedily actioned in the game with room-scale tracking, among various other exciting features.

Gaming Keyboard

There is a vast difference between regular and gaming keyboards, in various functions and designs, with the capacity to make or break your game.

The SteelSeries apex pro features RGB lighting adjustable to fit the mood and easy access to different keys in the dark. The mechanical switches and detachable wrist rest add to the charm of this sleek keyboard. The actuation distance of the keys can be modified within the 3.2-millimeter range to eliminate the risk of accidental strokes while reducing the lap between action and response time.

The OLED display is yet another fascinating feature of this SteelSeries keyboard, allowing customization with images and GIFs without coming in the way of your seamless experience.

High-Resolution Monitors

The fun of playing a game is incomplete without a compatible and high-resolution monitor, doing justice to the excellent graphics of your pro-games.

The 4k monitor with the 28-inch screen by BenQ is one such monitor designed to meet a gamer’s needs. The monitor supports eye care for long and extended gaming sessions, including features to prevent flickering screen and low blue light for eliminating common issues like headaches and strain. The adaptive brightness technology saves you time with intelligent self-adjustments as per your room lighting.

The AMD free sync eliminates any risk of image tearing or breaking in-between your gaming sessions, which is a common issue among many.

Other features include lifelike and vivid colors, little to no lag in response time, high-precision, inputs for multi-device connection, multiple built-in speakers, ambient light sensors, and a sleek and neat look of the whole gaming setup.

Stereo Speaker Set

If you’re not a big fan of keeping the headsets on throughout the game or enjoy a blast of sounds as you play, Logitech’s G560 speaker set is for you.

Two stereo speakers and an additional subwoofer for bass help stimulate the surround sound, giving you an enhanced experience.

The speakers accommodate connections both via Bluetooth or through cables and are ideal for playing music as well. The RGB lighting on the speakers’ back and accessible volume control on the right speaker both come in handy while your game is on. 

You can choose from the whopping 16.8 million colors, a hue that suits your game and ambiance, or program it so that it automatically switches colors while you concentrate on the challenge.

Gaming Chair

Long gaming sessions on an uncomfortable chair can leave you with a strained neck and back, turning more severe with time. If you have regular gaming sessions with friends, an ergonomic chair will go a long way.

The AmazonBasics gaming chair is one in the market, designed particularly for PC gamers. The chair comes with features like a high-back design to support your entire body, a headset pillow, a lumbar pillow, and armrests that are height-adjustable, all made out of premium quality material like PU leather and PVC.

The chair is durable and efficient, with movement support for its users. The roller wheels make shifting on the desk to find that perfect spot easy, while the tilting back support (90-120 degrees) provides ease in adjusting positions and stretching in between the sessions.

A WebCam

Streaming games online on Youtube, Instagram, etc., are becoming increasingly popular, with many pro-gamers choosing it as a profession and earning a decent living out of it.

Since regular video cameras are not the best choice to stream online, a good webcam will reduce the effort to adjust and set it.

The Wyze’s security camera turned webcam is a cube-shaped camera allowing 1080P video quality, night mode, and an adjustable stand. It is among the best choices of Webcams out there.


Many of us have downloaded offline games from Google Play on our parents’ smartphones sneakily, but gone are such days. The advancement in technology has opened doors for lifelike gaming, and the gaming accessories add to the experience and comfort it. Though demanding a little investment, the gadgets mentioned above can exponentially boost your interaction when equipped with perfect software and your favorite game. Whether looking for a gift for a game freak you know or are thinking of gifting yourself something, choose a perfect gadget and get started.