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8 Online Coding Classes


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Online coding classes have become essential, whether you want to develop your existing skills or become a coder. There are hundreds of courses to choose from, and the quality varies dramatically. So, to save your time, we have listed below the best coding classes available.  

This list includes both paid and free coding courses. It covers various topics, from website layout to parallax scrolling to CSS animation for every individual, from veteran coders to complete novices. These courses cover different approaches and grounds, but they are trustworthy and reliable lessons from well-experienced coders. 


Coursera coding classes are one of the most academically strong classes which provide thorough services and lessons. Stanford’s professors started this coding class and collaborated with many organizations and universities to offer online coding courses, degrees, and specializations in various coding topics and subjects. They also offer many free coding courses where individuals only have to pay for receiving a certificate.  

Many courses range from beginner level, such as Basics for Web Development and Coding by the University of Michigan, to various classes such as the IBM course.  


Pluralsight is one of the most popular and best coding classes. The site offers excellent quality content and a fantastic student experience. Every individual can follow a path, which provides them with information related to different courses or on any particular course on its own. The videos put up an entertaining and quirky site and offer a refreshing break from typically dull and dry video lessons.  

Subscriptions of courses start at $29 per month and wait for ten days free trial. With the covid-19 outbreak, Pluralsight began to offer free classes.  

Free CodeCamp

Free CodeCamp is an interactive and non-profit learning platform that provides accessible coding classes to everyone with a simple web connection. Since 2014, Free CodeCamp has graduated 40000+ students and has also provided many jobs at famous tech companies. The basics focus on giving 300-hour courses and certificates on Java algorithms, web designing, microservices, data visualization, front-end libraries, and APIs. You also provide a set of challenges that prepares you for various coding interviews and jobs.  

General Assembly

If you are looking for online coding workshops, General Assembly is the website for you. It organizes many live streams and classes, mostly paid, but some are free of cost, ranging from introduction to coding to python programming courses. To get access to these live streams and online classes, you require to purchase an e-ticket from Eventbrite, and then you can directly tune into the categories and live streams. This website offers a very comfortable way to force yourself to know for that individual who lacks motivation and confidence to learn at their own pace and comfort. 

Envato Tuts

Envato Tuts conduct an online coding class about numerous aspects of designs, from web encoding design to illustrations and 3D. Individuals can select from courses or video-based lessons, tutorials, write-ups about various topics, or an ebook for a suitable learning style. A monthly subscription to Envato Tuts gives you access to numerous learning materials and a design resource library of Envato Elements. 


Skillshare is an online subscription-based platform that provides thousands of coding classes conducted by industry-experienced and professionals. And these courses are not presented by any professionals; some of the terms are taught by Christian Heilmann, Rachel Andrew, and Jenn Lukas, so you are provided with world-class knowledge by some very experienced professionals. These courses come with complete material created by various instructors, and there are specific projects available for developing your skills. There is also an Android or iOS app that provides flexible learning.  


Udacity is a platform that provides robust guides and materials on various topics, with some sections of free courses. Courses that give this offer include VR Developer and Design Sprint Foundation. The length and prices of these courses differ dramatically. All the coding courses available at Udacity are fully summarized, outline the difficulty level, mention any prerequisites for taking it, why that course is essential, and when you will complete the project. This means that you can quickly scan this information and choose a suitable course.  

Code Avengers

Code Avengers provides online coding courses that teach you how to build or code a website, apps, or games. They also offer junior programs that give under 16-years students necessary computer literacy skills and basic programming through gamified courses. Code Avengers provides step-by-step and straightforward instructions about each course. The team has also managed the right balance of beginners and difficulty levels. This website also offers a 30-day free trial that grants you access to 10 lessons offering premium courses.  


Coding has grown over the past few years from just a hobby to a career option. The above-listed websites can help you learn coding at a fixed price, and some are even free. Whether you want to build your website, start your career as a coder, or create fun projects, these websites will help you in doing so.