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8 Ways To Get More Done In A Day Using Your Smart Phone


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The smartphone has become a staple of modern life. It’s not just for making phone calls or surfing the web anymore. The smartphone has evolved into an all-inclusive device that can stream music, take photos, run apps, and much more. The best part about owning a modern-day smartphone is the abundance of mobile applications available to help people get things done in their daily lives. Here are some ways your phone may assist you with being more efficient during your day.

Apps That Track Your Time Spent On Various Activities

A few different applications will track how much time you spend on various activities throughout the day. These apps can help monitor how much time you spend on productive tasks versus unproductive ones. For example, if you want to be more mindful of your work-life balance, an app like RescueTime could help you by tracking where you spend most of your time during the day. Another great option is Moment, which tracks and reports how often and long you use your phone each day. If you’re looking to cut down on the amount of time spent on your phone, these apps can be very useful in helping you achieve that goal.

Apps That Remind You When It Is Time To Do Certain Tasks

Some applications can help you remember when to do a particular task. For example, if you need a way of reminding yourself to take regular breaks throughout the day or simply want a reminder every night before going to bed, there’s an app for that too! Time Out is an application and lets users create customizable schedules for taking breaks from digital devices and scheduling alerts at various times during the day. Another great option with this type of app is Habitify which helps people form new habits by setting up notifications according to their desired goals.

Apps That Help With Productivity At Work

In addition to apps designed for increasing productivity in your personal life, some applications can help improve your productivity at work. An excellent option for assisting people in staying productive throughout their workday is Prodly. While this isn’t an actual mobile application but rather just a list in Google Sheets, it can benefit people who need a little more help staying on task. The list has different categories of jobs that you should complete each day, and it has a timer feature to track how long it takes you to meet specific tasks. Countless other mobile applications can assist with productivity in various ways.

Apps That Turn Off Notifications At Night

One of the biggest reasons people struggle to stay focused and get work completed is that they have difficulty disconnecting from technology. It can be challenging to find peace in today’s world as there are always notifications popping up on your phone or computer screen. One great way of being more mindful about limiting distractions throughout the day is using an app that turns off all necessary notifications. 

Another helpful tip for getting better sleep (and having less stress during the next day) is to keep your phone out of your arm’s reach while you’re in bed. According to Harvard Medical School, one hour before bedtime, try turning off all devices that will send you push notifications. This includes setting your phone into do not disturb mode, so texts go directly into voicemail until morning (unless you’re expecting something urgent). These apps can be beneficial for people who have a hard time disconnecting from technology and need a little help staying focused during the day.

Automatic Weather Reports Based On Location

One of the best features of owning a smartphone is having automatic updates for various things like the weather. There are many different weather applications that you can download. For example, The Weather Channel app will notify you if severe weather conditions are in your area. Other weather apps provide alerts based on your current location. Having this information at your fingertips makes planning out your day-to-day activities much more accessible.

Task Management Applications

While some people swear by using pen and paper to keep track of their daily tasks, using an app can be much more efficient. Some popular task management applications include Asana, Trello, and Wunderlist (just to name a few). These apps usually have various features like creating checklists, setting deadlines/reminders, adding collaborators, etc. This can be helpful for people who need assistance staying organized.

Add A Calendar To Your Phone

Another great way to ensure that you complete essential tasks daily is by adding Google Calendar to your phone. This will allow users the opportunity to organize their schedule ahead of time and keep track of other things that are going on in their lives (i.e., birthday reminders, upcoming appointments etc.). There is a similar feature called Google Assistant, which will automatically send notifications throughout your day–this makes it easy to stay on task and not forget about anything!

Email Alerts For Scheduled Tasks

Instead of constantly checking different calendars, several apps are available that will send you an email alert before a scheduled task occurs. This can be helpful for people who need reminders about things like sending follow-up emails from important meetings or finishing up projects at work. In addition, apps such as Reminders allow users to create lists with various alerts, so they don’t forget anything important. Not only are these types of apps great for staying organized, but they can also help keep people on track with their daily schedules. This is especially helpful if you’re constantly running into unforeseen circumstances that require your attention throughout the day.


Overall, having a smartphone can be extremely helpful for staying organized and completing tasks on time. There are countless apps available that make it easy for people to receive notifications about upcoming events/appointments and automatically keep track of important things like the weather or email follow-ups from meetings. With all these tools at your fingertips, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t feel more accomplished throughout the day!