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What Is 5G

Thanks to widespread advancements and developments in the field of technology, it feels like we’re moving into the next generation of connectivity pretty fast. There was a time when mobile internet was a foreign concept. Then came Edge, followed by 2G and 3G networks. At present, 4G is the most widely used generation of mobile internet connectivity. The talks about 5G have been around for a while now, but it seems like 2020 will be the year when we finally get to experience an all-new level of mobile internet! How Will 5G Make A Difference? 5G claims to offer cutting-edge internet connectivity. Coupled with devices equipped with the latest specs, 5G promises to deliver mobile internet multiple times faster than the current mobile technology. You’ll be thrilled to know that with 5G technology, you’ll be able to enjoy a download speed as high as 1Gbps. It implies that you’ll be able to download the heaviest files in a matter of a few minutes! What to Expect In 2020? 2020 might be the year when this latest cutting-edge technology is made available to the general public. Countries like China already have 5G in place with hundreds and thousands of 5G subscribers. As for the rest of the world is concerned, there is a widespread surge in the deployment of the 5G network. In fact, according to resources, 5G phones will also be introduced soon. There is a high probability that if you buy a new phone this year, it will come with a 5G support. It looks like the world is gearing up to welcome the latest 5G internet connectivity! However, if you think that 5G will replace all other networks just like that, you’re mistaken. It is still a relatively new technology that’ll take its time to take its place. Some of the roadblocks in the way of 5G are listed below: Setting Up 5G In Smaller Cities Is Challenging 5G requires millimeter Wave technology to operate. The mmWave technology works at very high frequencies, and as a result, the radio waves can’t travel to far-off distances. Instead of large towers spread across the cities, 5G will require multiple mini-towers located every few blocks to enable the radio signals to provide a fast and stable connection. It means, it’ll still be a while till small cities receive the benefit of 5G. You Might Not Notice Much Difference 5G technology is still under development. The chances are that even if 5G reaches your city this year, you might not be able to feel a significant difference. While some developers are making use of lower frequency to improve its signals and coverage, it might take a while for 5G technology to hit the market in full throttle. It Won’t Change Our Lives Drastically 5G definitely has the scope of changing our lives for good, but unfortunately, it won’t happen in 2020. It’s just a year or two into its development. If you can recall, it took LTE about half a decade to become as widespread and common as it is today. You can’t expect new technologies to come in and play their role almost immediately. The thing with new technologies is that it takes years of experimentation and trial and error before they can be deemed suitable and acceptable at a large scale. Closing Word A lot is happening with 5G in 2020, but it will take time for this new technology to become popular among the masses. There’s still a long way to go before you can reap the maximum benefits that 5G promises!

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