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Top 6 Gaming Consoles Of 2021


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Those days are gone with basic gaming. Since their inception, video game consoles have changed a great deal. Today’s game consoles are slim in design and outstanding in hardware performance with mind-blowing features. They are affordable and worth buying, and the most notable ones available in the market are PS5, PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, One S, and Nintendo Switch.

Pro gamers are live-streaming their gameplay sessions on various platforms finding many people eager to watch and follow. And so, demands for gaming capture cards are rising like anything. You can connect these gaming cards to different consoles like PS5, PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, etc. You get to record some impressive resolutions and stunning graphics of your gameplay using these gaming capture cards.

Also, while buying video game consoles, decide what games you want to play, do you want in your home or on-go gaming console, etc. Different gaming consoles target a particular age group.

This guide has the best gaming consoles in the market and makes things a little easier, especially with a list of the most notable pros and cons and features.

Sony PlayStation 5 Gaming Console

The Sony PlayStation 5 has an excellent games console packed full of high-tech features that make it the top best gaming console in 2021. The hardware is powerful, and the custom SSD is speedy. The new DualSense pad on the controller has adaptive triggers, a built-in microphone, a standard audio jack, and haptic feedback that enhances your gaming immersion. 

The games are fantastic and varied, with Astro’s Playroom, Spider-Man Miles Morales, and Demon Souls being the launch standouts. The User Interface is primarily good, from significant upgrades like the powerful GPU and super-fast NVMe SSD that enable higher frame rates and ray tracing to the controller’s built-in microphone as a quick stand-in for a headset. The PS5 is for ease of use and pure power.

Microsoft Xbox Series X Gaming Console

It’s the most powerful console ever. Microsoft has got an imposing hand to play this gaming console generation. The Xbox Series X’s backward compatibility is a significant selling point, and it’s more extensive than what the PS5 can offer.

Its massive power and SSD mean it’s right up there with the PS5, and the prices are similar. Microsoft has equipped the console with a 12-teraflop GPU, an 8-core CPU, and ultra-fast memory and storage. With all these features, the games load instantly.

Its low price and extensive features make the Series X an equally great choice with PS5.

Nintendo Switch Gaming Console

The Nintendo Switch gaming console is an excellent console for people who like multiplayer titles and casual gaming, and its unique design lets you take it on the go or play at home on a TV. The Nintendo Switch offers a tremendous at-home social gaming experience. Its control paddles are removable and also make it simple to hand out controllers and let your friends and family join in the fun. 

Simultaneously, the Switch does feature online play for multiplayer games like the delightful “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe”. Nintendo Switch is less than half the PS Plus price and the Xbox Live Gold for a 12-month subscription for those interested in online multiplayer gaming.

Nintendo’s gaming list has hits like Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8, and Zelda’s Legend: Breath of the Wild.

Xbox One S

One S is the best home gaming console for gamers who are looking for an all-in-one gaming console. This gaming console will compensate you with a high home cinema experience feeling. Plus, this is also an affordable gaming console. 

The One S comes with standard 1TB storage space, 1.75 GHz CPU, and 8GB DDR3 RAM in its great features. Its beautiful white color and greater comfort make it the best-selling console market. Like PS4 Pro and One X, this is also the all-in-one gaming console that handles multimedia and gaming tasks.

PS4 Pro

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro is the 8th generation best-selling console that supports 4K HDR quality video output. The console has lots of blockbuster titles.

Most gamers approach PS4 pro because of its exclusive games like The Last of Us, Uncharted series, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Spider-Man, and more. Membership of the PlayStation Plus is required to play multiplayer games.

You can download lots of free PS4 games by subscribing to the online membership.

Sega Genesis Mini

This gaming console is a hidden gem. Equipped with 42 Sega Genesis games installed on this console, the good thing is that some of the pre-installed games are the latest and not released before. Sega Genesis Mini surpasses all previous retro gaming consoles and makes it an interesting one. 

The console delivers a unique combination of Japanese games packed in the new design and offers a great library of retro games. The iconic video game developer has created this console that has thousands of positive online ratings. The cable is long, which means you can play games far from the TV. You can also plug the controllers into a PC, and Windows will recognize it.

Overall, in 2021, gamers are still eager to enjoy the classic 80s and 90s gaming experience, then this is the one. Plus, the newly added games will rock your experience and make it the most impressive retro gaming console.

Consider These Features Before Buying Any Game Console


The starting price of game consoles is about $200 to $300. Most basic versions of the top brands in the market hang around there.


You always want excellent, suitable controllers to enjoy the gaming experience. The Xbox and PS4 are prevalent in that feature, with both having some well-designed controllers. 

Graphics Capabilities

Note that even though these consoles are in 4K capability, that doesn’t mean every game will be in 4K. That is sometimes an issue with individual games rather than the console or the 4K television.

Game Selection

The biggest game publishers, such as EA and Activision, make mostly cross-platform games on various consoles. 

Capturing Games

In 2021, With game-streaming services growing massively in popularity and gameplay recordings on YouTube is a big thing, it has become popular to capture game footage. 


Go through this article and update yourselves with the latest features that come up with consoles. PS5 and Xbox are the leading gaming consoles in 2021 but also consider various gaming consoles. Not everyone has the same preferences, but hopefully, you better understand the options available to you and their features.