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New Tech Coming In 2021

As the Covid-19 pandemic raged across the world this year, just about everything shifted online. It was the technology that helped us to stay sane and connected at the lowest of times. Despite the pandemic, technology kept advancing, and there are more gadgets to come out in the coming year. No one knows what 2021 holds for us, but some new devices are a certainty. These new technological advancements will help us deal with many current problems with maximum ease and efficiency. They will ease out the bumps on our journey to achieve what we want. Here are some of the new technologies that will likely become a part of our lives very soon in 2021. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

What only used to be a fantasy in sci-fi movies is slowly becoming a reality. Now, it is going to become more and more prominent in 2021. AI will be the foremost of technological success and will help to tackle many problems in our world. Data regarding healthcare is rapidly increasing. AI will lead to better algorithms, which will, in turn, lead to better and faster solutions. AI can do things more efficiently and effectively than manual labor. AI will undoubtedly be a significant game-changer in the area of healthcare.

AI has enabled what was considered before as impossible. In less than a year, multiple Covid-19 vaccines are rolling out. This was unthinkable in the past. The fastest vaccine rollout was for mumps, and that took four years.

AI has also been successfully used in the development of translation software. Soon, with further enhancement, this translation software will likely come not just in written form but also in verbal form. One person could be talking in German, and the other person will hear a perfect English version.

Vehicle Automation 

This industry has also seen rapid progress, with Tesla leading the way in vehicle automation. This will enable the safe and efficient movement of people and goods not only on land but also in the air.

Another example is the Flirtey drone, which can autonomously deliver goods from the vendor to the client. The Flirtey drone has been successfully tested under Civil Aviation Rules Part 101 and will be deployed shortly.

Ultra-High Life Batteries

Today, most of the rechargeable batteries in use are lithium-ion batteries. These batteries require scarce elements.  There is significant progress in producing batteries that have a higher energy density and do not require rare elements. ForBattery Advanced Development Inc. has created a battery that uses readily available ingredients. Researchers have developed cobalt-free cathodes, which will significantly reduce the cost of batteries. Keep in mind that better batteries will affect a host of products, from toys to laptops to electric cars to drones.

Public Cloud

The public cloud comprises computing-related services provided by third-party vendors over the Internet and is available to anyone who needs them. They may be free or sold as required, allowing customers the option to pay only per usage for the CPU cycles, the storage, or the bandwidth they consume. One significant advantage of public cloud compared to private clouds is that it is less expensive and relatively maintenance-free as the service provider does all the management and is infinitely scalable.


OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode. As the name suggests, an OLED display emits its own light and does not require any light source. OLEDs are light and flexible; they are rollable and can be transported just like any chart. OLEDs provide a much better picture quality and have excellent power efficiency. Another remarkable feature of an OLED is the excellent response time: up to 1,000 times faster than LCDs.

Noise Cancellation

Another significant advancement in technology is noise cancellation. This technology helps to remove noise from the audio signal and hence provides far superior sound quality. Noise cancellation is made by creating a mirror image of undesirable sounds and removing them by canceling them out. Noise cancellation technology has several useful applications, including noise-canceling headphones, noise reduction in air conditioning ducts, elimination of noise from mufflers, and even anti-snoring devices. 

Smart Homes

By smart homes, we mean homes that automate mundane household tasks, such as controlling many appliances in our home by simply pushing a button or issuing a voice command. Devices that lend themselves to smart control are lights, security systems, thermostats, windows, clocks, speakers, and more. 

What is exciting is the advancement in in-home healthcare. Soon, smart homes will have health-related technology. This technology will enable people with various ailments to live independently. For example, people with mobility problems, dementia, and chronic pain will be able to safely and independently stay in their own homes. This technology includes sleep and environment monitoring, wearable devices, activity detection, and more. And this is all done in real-time. Not only can these technologies improve efficiency, but also they can cut costs.

Working From Home

One thing that the current pandemic has drastically changed is our work environment. More than ever before, people are constrained to working from home. Not only are we shopping online, but also we are carrying out our vacations from home. It is a new normal to work from home and get education and training too right in our home.

While technology already exists for these home-based needs, new software makes it easier and more effective to communicate in real-time without commuting to a physical office. Some ongoing development areas are better multiple-user online software, time-tracking software, and time-management software, along with time tracking for greater accountability.

Some companies have settled on making work-from-home a regular feature. These include Dropbox, Microsoft, Okta, and Twitter. More companies are likely to do the same as working from home can be more productive and cost-effective.

Solar Power

The “stay at home” trend due to the global pandemic has spurred improvements to the building, including solar panels. Like all other emerging products, solar panels and cells are moving towards working well and looking good. We can therefore look forward to newer and more aesthetically attractive solar panels soon. 

Apple Watch

Significant changes are expected in the Apple Watch. It is likely to have an improved form factor design and some innovative health management functions. In addition to the existing features of smart hand washing, sleep tracking, and blood oxygen monitoring, we expect to get a glucose monitoring feature this coming year. Also, the Apple Watch could have additional features such as panic attack prediction and Covid-19 symptom identification.

In Summary

Though the Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc in our lives, there are quite a few new gadgets and technologies we can look forward to in 2021. These new technological advancements will facilitate us in dealing with many problems and improve our quality of life. In 2021 we are bound to see more improvements to new technologies and also emerging technologies as well.