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New Phones Coming Out 2023

2023 is just around the corner, which means a new lineup of phones will be hitting the market. While 2022 was no slouch for new phones, with major releases like the iPhone 14 and Google Pixel 7 taking the world by storm, 2023 is shaping up to be even better. With new technology and features coming out all the time, it can take a lot of work to keep track of what’s new and exciting in the fast-paced world of cell phones. But fear not – this post is here are some of the most anticipated new phones for 2023!

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Major Phone Upgrades Expected Next Year

With every phone company in an arms race to outdo each other with new technology, new advancements are constantly being introduced that seem to sweep across all the major players in the cell phone game. Things like augmented reality, facial recognition, and fingerprint scanners are now standard in all the most popular phones. But even with these features becoming increasingly common, there is still a ton of exciting new technology just waiting to be unleashed on the world.

One of the most significant changes people expect from 2023 phones is expanded 5G networks. 5G is a next-generation network with faster speeds, more capacity, and improved reliability. This technology’s improvements could change how people use their phones, from streaming videos to playing games. And with many companies investing in expanding their 5G coverage, it’s almost certain that this technology will see some significant changes next year.

Another big change you might see is the introduction of smart cameras. While recent cameras on phones have gotten much better, the technology still needs to catch up in taking advantage of everything a camera can do. Many companies are working to integrate artificial intelligence and computer vision into their cameras so that they not only take high-quality pictures but also recognize faces, objects, and scenes to offer more personalized photo experiences.

Samsung Galaxy S23


With Samsung typically releasing their new Galaxy in February each year, there is already a ton of buzz surrounding their next flagship phone. This device will be one of the biggest hits in 2023. Early reports suggest that Samsung focuses on improving its hardware and software to create an even better user experience.

Some rumored features include a new 8k camera that could change how people think about smartphone cameras, more powerful processing capabilities that will make it easier to run advanced apps and games, and increased battery life for a longer-lasting phone. But no matter what features Samsung includes in the final release, it’s sure to be one of the biggest phones of 2023.

Apple iPhone 15


Although Apple typically waits until September to release its next iPhone, there is already a lot of speculation about what the next iteration will offer. And with Apple’s track record of releasing highly successful phones, many people wonder if they can live up to their reputation in 2023. Reports suggest that the new iPhone 15 could feature some pretty impressive upgrades compared to previous releases.

One of the biggest rumors is that Apple is working on periscope camera lens technology that would allow for a wider field of view and would also be able to shoot pictures in low-light conditions. Other rumored features include significant upgrades to their dynamic island technology and a more powerful A-series chip processor that could improve performance by 10 to 15%!

Google Pixel Fold


If you thought folding phones were a thing of the past, think again. Google is reportedly working on a new foldable smartphone that could rival or even surpass the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold. Known as the Pixel Fold, this new device will feature an innovative folding design that allows for a larger screen when unfolded. And while previous foldable smartphones may not have been all they cracked up to be, the rumors swirling around the Pixel Fold suggest that it will be the real deal.

Some rumored features include a foldable OLED display, an upgraded Snapdragon 855 processor with built-in AI capabilities, and a highly advanced camera that could rival top-of-the-line DSLR cameras. With Google rumored to release the Pixel Fold sometime in May 2023, expect this new device to set the standard for folding phones in years to come.

Huawei P60 Pro Plus


With their most recent releases, like the Huawei P50 and P60, the Chinese company is a force to be reckoned with in the smartphone market. And based on early reports about their next release – the P60 Pro Plus – it sounds like Huawei is only getting better! With a rumored release date as soon as March 2023, the P60 Pro Plus is shaping up to be one of the most powerful and innovative smartphones of 2023.

Rumored features include a dual selfie camera, increased storage capacity, and a Super AMOLED Full Touch Screen display. Many tech experts are also speculating about the possibility of Huawei using graphene for the battery and AI features that can help personalize your user experience. No matter what comes true or what is just a rumor, it looks like there is a lot to look forward to from Huawei in 2023!

Xiaomi 13 Pro


The last phone to mention on this list is the all-new, highly anticipated Xiaomi 13 Pro. According to rumors, this upcoming release will be the most powerful and feature-packed smartphone from Xiaomi yet. And with a potential release date of December 11th, 2022, this will be the first of the five on this list you can get your hands on!

One of the most exciting things about this phone is it might be the first to come with the brand new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, which will be up to 50% faster than the previous generation. And with what will likely be a 4500mAh battery, this phone is sure to be a powerhouse when it comes to performance. Other rumored features include a slightly new design that seems to resemble the most recent iPhone models and some slight upgrades to their camera!

Get Ready For The New Phones Coming Out In 2023!

Although cell phone companies are trying harder than ever to keep a lock on what their new phones have in store, it’s clear that there is a lot to look forward to in the world of smartphones in 2023. Whether you’re looking for cutting-edge technology, built-in AI features, or just an upgrade from your current device, it looks like next year will have something for everyone! So mark your calendars and prepare for exciting releases in the coming year.