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Most Interesting Electric Cars Coming In 2021


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Vehicles that were running on gas are now able to run on electricity. These cars may not be cheap, but we cannot say what will happen in the coming future, so automobile makers worldwide have introduced electric vehicles. The world is following the lead of Tesla. You must know the EVs started from a manufacturer like Nissan in fits over the past years, and in 2021 it will see the points of new models from the known brands. 

The domestic manufacturer will also join the race like Rivian. The change has been on the corner. The future of electric cars has made automobile makers add more EVs to their models. Some new names have emerged, such as Boston, Rivian, and Lordstown. 

This article will take you on a ride to explore many new electric cars available in the market soon.

Aspark Owl

The Aspark Owl is a Japanese all-electric battery-powered sports car that will be out in 2021. It is manufactured by the Japanese engineering firm ‘Aspark.’ It was under development in 2018, and it is the fastest accelerating car in the market. The OWL will be manufactured in Itlay by Manifattura Automobile Torino (MAT). This firm has a production run of 50 vehicles. The list price of the cars starts from $2.5 million per car. They unveiled the Aspark Owl version in the motor show held at Dubai International Motor in November 2019. 

Audi Q4 e-Tron

This is the first production of Audi that has come up with electrical consumption. It gives a different advanced look with an all-electric drive. The concept is a compact four-door SUV. It slots between the Audi Q3 and Q5 in sizes, and it comes only in an all-electronic configuration. It will go on sale in 2021. It is very spacious and comes in an excellent color scheme, and it has a carpet in the floor section, which contrasts with the warm colors in the upper area of the cabin.

Audi e Tron GT

A powerful driving experience and mobility, which is self-determined, has no contradiction with the SUV. This vehicle is suitable for everyday work or simply joy rides. Its design offers the art of a dynamic driving experience comparable to a sports car. It has an all-wheel-drive system that provides optimal transition and can easily handle all drive situations. It has a mobile charging system built and works with 230 volts to the 400-volt household outlet. It has intelligent functions, and it can charge electricity when electricity is less expensive, and it has a photogenic system. 

BMW i4

The sales will be commencing in 2021. The I vision dynamics was the car name given to it at the Frankfurt motor show in 2017. This is the fifth model and one of the BMWs 25 electrified models by 2023. It provides the transmission of a single-speed with a fixed ratio. It has a futuristic design, and the model will be in the conventional style in the coming future. It has a 523 hp and 80.0 kWh battery pack. 

BMW iNext

The Lufthansa Cargo and the BMW Group team have intensely worked hard on this full mobility experience. It is a technological innovation that has turned an idea into reality. There are larger surfaces and lines marked, making the car look like it is one piece. The copper exterior changes from warm to dark rose and then exudes dynamic even when the vehicle is not moving. It has a large panoramic rooftop that makes it lightweight. The interior is specially designed with delicate woods, hand-woven, jacquard fabric. It has a goof open-pore wood surface with a jacquard fabric that sits upon the shining crystals and goes all up to the rear compartment, making it look like an atmosphere.

Mustang Mach -E

The original name of the Mustang was Mach -E. It has a muscle nameplate and crosses over four-door. This car also has a long-range battery. The electric car profile has been raised compared to the Tesla Model Y compact, which will come. When talking about the look, the mustang car has aired its shape. It is quick charging and is good to drive off-road. It has dent-proof stainless steel. The price range depends on the number of engines. 


The GMC Hummer has the technology and authority to cover the off-road with confidence. It can also take the most formidable obstacle, the pavement obstacles, into the SUV elements. It has eighteen available camera views. And they are placed beyond the skill plates. It has an underbody camera, which includes replaceable lens protectors. The tires are specially engineered for optimal performance on and off-road. This electric vehicle will fit all your aftermarket needs.

Polestar 2

The Polestar 2 can adjust itself to the other way around. You can prefer a seat position via your phone. The polestar is the first car in the world with an infotainment system powered by Android, built-in Google play, and Google assistant. The pole star is a fully electric vehicle with a unique polestar identity. It has genuine-earth filters with recycled materials.

Hyundai Ioniq

It has a lithium-ion battery and takes 9 to 12 hours of charge. This electric car includes the many elements that are the airbag, blind spots, autonomous barking, lane change assist. The vehicle has refined and modern looks and interior that grabs your first attention. And it will make you admire every curve, and as you’ll get to each detail of the car, you will start liking it. It has a profoundly satisfying perfection when you will explore more.

Porsche Taycan

The Porsche Taycan has started using the electric button. It gives you a future-ready concept, and the characteristics have always been decisive and give you a pure joy of driving. It can boost up to 560 kW / 761 PS. The performance is key-driven, and there is no sacrifice with the perfect interior action of the drive compartments. There is a dashboard that provides useful features. It is thoroughly driver-focused. 


As large car brands begin to manufacture more EVs, we will start to have more options available to choose from. This year will be a pivotal year for the EV industry. More famous brands are beginning to develop more electric models starting to become more appealing to consumers. Watch to see what models come out and begin to look at what feature you would want on your next vehicle.