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Most Advanced Blenders On The Market


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If you are planning on buying a new blender, this article might help you a bit in narrowing down your choices to the most desirable and apt blenders for your use. 

Thanks to the era we are living in, advancements in technology are booming. Now you don’t have to stock your kitchen with appliances to grind those coffee beans, blend those fruits, or go out to crush those tedious nuts.

 All you have to do is buy yourself a powerful blender.

But most often, this is where people often find themselves stuck. They are often led to buy things that are too advanced for their use (a waste of money and space) or things that are not suited for your purpose. Below are some more things that you must also look out for to buy your dream blender.

The checklist for you


#1. Types of Blender Available

There are four variants to choose from, broadly speaking. All four are designed with unique purposes and are efficient in their functions.

Personal Blenders: Serves for one or a maximum of two. The aim of this is to serve you those perfect lip-smacking smoothies or those fresh fruit juices. Hence, they have small blenders for serving the function of crushing through fruits. They also have the least options for the blade’s speed, usually one or two, and are less expensive.

As its functions are primarily focused on preparing drinks, the blenders come with jars and glasses, which serves the dual purpose of blending and then later using them to drink from it.

Immersion Blenders: Popularly called hand-blenders, these are versatile and quite handy. These, as the name suggests, can be immersed into the food and blend in seconds, avoiding the hassle of putting your items in the jar and then again scooping them out.

As you might have guessed, these are must-haves for bakers in the making and are usually a good alternative if you are looking for blenders for lighter-use and don’t want to spend too much money on them.

Countertop Blenders: These are the typical blenders that find a humble abode in every household. The con-side is it uses too much space.

Nevertheless, these are quite versatile with both speeds as well things that you can blend. Of course, they are less potent than the high-performance one following the list but can satisfy your daily requirements as well as experiments.

High-Performance Blenders: These have powerful blades that can crush and grind those hard foods, but at the same time, work wonderfully with soft ingredients. It takes up a lot of space (bigger = more powerful) and comes with a higher price to pay.

#2. What You Might Need 

It is a simple task to categorize your choice into one of the above four. Just go over what you need the blenders for.

If you are single and rushing to work and nibbling at breakfast because of time constraints, personal blenders are the right choice for you. 

Suppose you are into cooking, especially the baking side of it, or you happened to stumble upon baking cakes during the lockdown or even the tik-tok fad whipped coffee. In that case, the immersion blenders are perfect for you. These also work fine for a general application like making purees and mixing things. Hence they can be used as a substitute if you are going to use them here and there for light use.

If you are planning to buy for domestic purposes, then a countertop is the best option for getting the best out of it at the given price.

If you want to do anything beyond the usual, like grinding ice or experiment because of your profession, go for the high-end one. These might cost you a little more investment initially but are better, durable, and most apt for your use.

There are other parameters like the space you can afford (here, the countertops and high-performance blenders go off-limit) and the size you are looking for (for the ease of handling). Though most blenders have multiple jars of varying sizes for different purposes, it is still advisable to look through the options that make the best combination for you.

#3. What You Can Afford

This is purely your choice of how much you want to invest in them.

However, the market for blenders is vast, and you are more or less likely to find at least one that will meet your budget range for your choice. These may start from anywhere from $20 and go more than $500.

The options for you

Below listed are some of the best-performing ones in the market right now. You should visit the company site for a deeper understanding of the product before buying. Listed below are the heavyweights of each category with which you can compare the product of your choice.

Breville Super Q Blenders

These are super-efficient and high-performance blenders by Breville, equipped with all the gears to satisfy your personal needs.

The machine comes in stainless steel with features giving you the provision to use both manual and five one-step pre automated options.

It comes with two jar options, one 68 ounce blending jar and another 24-ounce single-serve blending cup with a removable lid. It comes with all the essential tools like scraper tools, which will help in easier cleaning, though it has a self-cleaning feature. Added features like noise suppression technology might give a little ease to your daily hectic kitchen life, and the optional vacuum accessory removes air to bring out a better blend and a smoother smoothie.

These are perfect for you if you want to crush ice, make smoothies with milk or green smoothies, and even hot soups. This machine can even handle the nuts and can help you make your preservative-free peanut butter.

The user-friendly wrap-in cord makes the device better to handle. 

But the downside is it too pricey (at around $500) and, as with advanced functions, a little bulkier than what you might need for daily household uses.

Vitamix 5200

A 7-year product warranty from the manufacturer is enough to make you realize their belief in the product. The product comes with a 64-ounce sturdy jar with removable blades, which you won’t see in the Super Q.

It comes with a lid plug at the center and a tamper, which can push the ingredients down (very helpful if you are blending thick ingredients).

It comes with simple manual variable speed. The product comes with recipe books and a DVD giving you multiple options to choose from. 

The downside is, it is pricey, standing at $450. It is as noisy as a high-performance blender should be, a little more than the super Q, and it does not come with a single-serve jar.

Oster Versa 

 if you want to look for a simple, less expensive smoothie blender, these might be your best option. The versa will cost you $135, with manual as well as two automated options giving you as much as you can in the price range of $150, if not better.

The downside is that it is much louder, the multiple accessories are confusing and difficult to assemble, and the design doesn’t rank up.

Breville Control Grip Immersion Blender

For $125, it is the high-end immersion blender, offering the best experience with easy to handle and multiple speed settings to choose from.

The plus side is that its attachments are dishwasher safe. The appliance has a great build and comes with multiple accessories.

The whisk attachment might be a little noisier than the overall immersion blender, but the use is pretty solid and will not disappoint you in the functioning regard.


If you look enough, you can find that one blender perfect for you, but make sure that your choice satisfies your needs. There are many amazing blenders out there, each with different features, and most high-quality ones cost a hefty penny, so that is why it is crucial to weigh the pros and cons of all.