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How To Fix A Waterlogged Phone

If you’re like most people, your phone is one of your most essential possessions. It is easy to make a mistake and end up with a waterlogged phone. Suddenly, all of your necessary data is at risk of losing forever. Whether you dropped it in the toilet, left it outside in the rain, or OLED some water while cooking dinner, this article will provide tips to fix a waterlogged phone.

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The Damage Water Can Do To A Phone

Waterlogged Phone

Most people know that water and electronics don’t mix. But they need not realize just how much damage water can do to a phone. When water seeps into a phone, it can cause the metal components to rust and the circuitry to short out. This can prevent the phone from charging properly, make it difficult to make calls or use apps, and render the phone completely unusable in some cases.

Water damage can also lead to mold growth, which can further damage the phone and pose a health hazard. Taking precautions to protect your phone from water damage is essential. For example, you should never leave your phone near a sink or toilet or anywhere where it could come into contact with water.

Tips To Fix A Waterlogged Phone

If you have a waterlogged phone, feel free to take your time and get a new one. There are tips you can use to try and salvage your phone and potentially repair the damage caused by water. Here are a few to remember:

Turn It Off As Soon As You Can

Waterlogged Phone

If you’ve ever dropped your phone in water, you know the sinking feeling that comes with it. Whether it’s a puddle, toilet, or ocean, water and phones don’t mix. If your phone does take a dip, there are a few things you can do to try and salvage it. But the most important thing is to turn it off as soon as possible.

Water can cause havoc on a phone’s delicate circuitry. The longer it stays on, the greater chance of irreparable damage. So as soon as you can, power down your device. It also prevents apps from running that could cause further damage.

Pull Out The Battery And Any Other Components

Waterlogged Phone

If your phone has been exposed to water, it’s essential to take it apart as soon as possible and remove the battery. If water gets into the phone, it could short-circuit the battery and damage it. It’s also essential to remove any other components that could be damaged by water, such as the SIM card. Things like headphones and charging cables should also be removed to prevent further damage.

This step may be tricky if you have an iPhone, as Apple has made it difficult for users to access the phone’s components. However, there are available kits that can help disassemble an iPhone in the event of water damage.

Dry Off The Exterior

Waterlogged Phone

Once you have the phone disassembled, it’s important to dry off the exterior as much as possible. This can be done with a paper towel or cloth. Make sure to enter crevices and openings where water could have seeped in. While the odds are the exterior of your phone won’t take any excess damage from being wet, it’s still essential to dry it off to avoid further damage or mold growth.

If you notice water coming out from the interior of the phone at any point, make sure that you dry it off as quickly as possible to prevent further damage.

Suck Water Out With A Vacuum

Waterlogged Phone

Once the exterior is dry, the next step is to try and suck any water out from the phone’s interior. One way to do this is by using a vacuum cleaner in its lowest setting. Make sure not to hold it too close to the phone or apply too much force, as this could cause damage. You want to create enough suction to draw out any excess water.

Another option is to use a hair dryer to lightly blow warm air onto the phone to evaporate any water trapped inside. This method should also be used cautiously to avoid causing damage.

Use A Package Of Silica Gel

Waterlogged Phone

If this is your first time using a silica gel package, now is the time to break it out. Silica gel is a desiccant, meaning it absorbs moisture. These packets are often found in shoe boxes or new electronic devices and can come in handy for water-damage situations like this. Place your disassembled phone (or the parts exposed to water) in a sealable container with the silica gel packets.

Leave it for at least 24 hours to allow the desiccant to absorb any excess moisture. This can help salvage your phone and prevent further damage.

Place It In Rice

Waterlogged Phone

If you don’t have any silica gel on hand, another option is to place your phone in a rice container. Rice also has desiccant properties and can help draw out any moisture from the device. Like the silica gel method, make sure to leave your phone (or components) in the rice for at least 24 hours before turning it back on. It would be best if you also considered using this method in conjunction with removing the battery and drying off the device’s exterior.

After the 24 hours is up, reassemble your phone and attempt to turn it on. If it does turn back on, make sure to check for any water damage or malfunctioning components. It’s also important to note that this method may only work for some phones, and the success rate can vary.

Take It To A Repair Shop

Waterlogged Phone

Finally, it may be time to take your phone to a repair shop if all else fails. These professionals will have the resources and expertise needed to fix any water damage on your device. Just inform them of any methods you may have tried at home to avoid unnecessary repairs. Acting quickly in this scenario is essential, as water damage can lead to long-term problems and malfunctioning components if not fixed properly.

Follow These Tips To Fix A Waterlogged Phone!

Overall, waterlogged phones can be a headache to deal with. But by taking quick action and trying out some of these tips, you can salvage your device and prevent further damage. Be sure to plan and take steps to avoid water damage in the future, such as investing in a waterproof case. And remember, if all else fails, don’t hesitate to bring it to a repair shop for professional assistance.