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Every Accessory A Vlogger Needs This Year


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If one thing has boomed in this pandemic, it has to be the video-making sector. Catering to the skyrocketing consumption of content from all digital media spheres, the production of videos is on the rise. Though the streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney have their share of users, the largest increase is in the independent films/videos through open platforms like social media. 

One cannot possibly ignore the boom 15-second video content which swept the gen-Z off their feet. Another sector that is on the rise is the vlogging area. There is a large market for the contents in vlogs, with topics ranging from sharing the recipes for freshly baked goodies to a beauty vlog. 

But creating content has never been easy. You need to address countless things, from clear audio-visuals to high-end editing if you want to drop a finished product. Today has made the process simpler with access to many ready-to-use tools, but you still need some equipment to bring out quality products. 

Here is the list of basic vlogging essentials that will make your vlogging journey better!


One of the foremost things to tick on your list is a good quality camera. But the good news is, it does not necessarily mean a pricey one. Most vloggers still use their smartphones as cameras, and it is perfectly fine as long as it satisfies the demands of your video. 

However, considering a professional camera is best if your vlog requires you to trod in the wild nature and shuffle for shots between dusk and dawn. Not only do they provide you with a better quality picture, but the autofocusing also makes sure that you won’t have to work longer for one perfect shot. 

Now you have three basic devices to choose from:

  • GoPro: Small and compact size increases its flexibility. You can use it to shoot videos by attaching them to moving objects even without compromising on shots.
  • DSLR: Though the large-sized cameras may be daunting to handle at first, you can not deny the quality of the stills that DSLR’s capture. They are also best for shooting images in dim light, like capturing celestial bodies in action.
  • Mirrorless Camera: Barring the battery life, mirrorless cameras bring versatility, offering you the same or even better specs than the DSLRs. 


Good lighting can even suffice for a not-so-good camera. The main purpose of the lighting is to make a grander appeal on-screen, even with limited sources. This is why many videos shot of smartphones are at par with the shots done on professional cameras. 

Be it the natural lights or the artificial ones, maintain a good angle with the source such that there are no shadows, and the light livens the set rather than making it too bright. Make sure the light comes with a diffuser, can be dimmed, and has a stand. Having a socket to hold the camera is another factor you can look for.

If you want to go with basic lighting, the ring lights are a perfect choice. If your background becomes too dark, you can also invest in some background lighting. 

However, much more than lighting sources, it is about the right way to position and use them. Take care of too bright sources by using a diffuser to give a soft touch without compromising quality. Fix lights at an angle of 45° rather than straight ahead to get more effective lighting. Play around with the brightness to select the one that looks good.  


If you have to send across thoughts, a bad idea is a big let-down. A bare minimum requirement of microphones is to shut down the background noise and let the desired audio take the front. Hence, in most cases, using built-in audio recording microphones is a BIG no!

There are three types of microphones popular in the vlogging front;

  • Condenser: Those long professional-looking microphones that most vloggers (and often singers) use are condenser-type microphones. This is best if you also want to include delicate background sounds into the audio.
  • Dynamic: These cut off background noises more efficiently than the condenser ones. There are two types-one which you can clip onto your clothes (a.k.a. collar mics) and the other which you can attach to your recording device, i.e., preferably DSLRs (shotgun)
  • Portable audio recorder: It is good for recording on the go.

Other than the microphone, there are other things that you need to take care of. Firstly, the outside noises, and secondly, the echo. A windscreen can help you with the outside noises while filling up the recording unit with things that will help you combat echo issues!


You can add multiple accessories to make the recording process easier or better.

  • Tripod stands to affix the recording unit, or a selfie stick if you are using the smartphones, are essential to get a steady shot. 
  • If you are a one-man army, the remote shutters will make your life easier by giving you the controls to start and stop the video.  
  • Consider investing in drones for those beautiful sky shots!
  • Energy sources like batteries or a power bank will save your day on any outdoor shoots.
  • A green screen to play with the background or the object itself to create mesmerizing animations or motion pictures 
  • Buy a gear backpack to efficiently store all your recording goodies in one place and keep them safe from mechanical tears and sudden showers!

Editing Tools

Editing is an integral part of assembling and converting all the raw shots into the final video. Editing is a skill that you slowly develop over time and, frankly speaking, can be the most overwhelming aspect. Access to many free apps makes the editing journey a lot simpler. You can also learn about professional video editing tools like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut to explore a larger control over multiple editing aspects.

Look for online tutorials to start the first step. Experiment and try different things to know the way around them. And constantly update yourself with the different tools in the market to know which one is better.


Good quality audio and video are the essentials of a vlog. They help you promote your content owing to the quality. However, don’t forget about the other key marketing elements on the media platform that makes your hard work visible on the forum. Here are the basic tools that you require to start filming your daily journey catering to the demands of platforms like YouTube and other social media.