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Cool Health Tech Gadgets That Can Change Your Life


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The latest technologies have changed the view of the healthcare sector. Various health monitoring devices like telehealth, electronic medical records (EMR), wireless, and mobile health are new and emerging healthcare trends. Digital health gadgets are becoming a new form of medical prescriptions globally.

The personal healthcare gadgets are typically for tracking, alerting, and monitoring nature. For instance, monitoring blood sugar, blood pressure, body temperature, and other medical conditions are the most basic medical devices used for healthcare purposes. There are various gadgets powered by apps that can tell your health conditions and different parts of your body.

Healthcare gadgets are sensor-based devices that can track and alert about health issues. Modern health monitoring devices are mostly powered by mobile apps, which you can easily install on your smartphones. The concept of staying healthy is essential nowadays and has changed significantly due to healthcare devices and mobile apps. Digital healthcare gadgets help you stay fit by properly monitoring your body’s different types of health parameters. Keep reading to find out the best health tech gadgets.

Mateo Smart Bath Mat

The smart bathroom mat tracks your body and weight composition every time you step onto it. This bath mat keeps an eye on your health and ensures the user receives accurate measurements. If you don’t want to measure your weight, then the Mateo app connected to the mat will tell you general trends about your body. This gadget is excellent for anyone who wants to keep track of their health.


Nowadays, face masks are a common thing that everyone wears, but they can be irritating during communication. Maskfone has overcome this issue by creating a face mask with built-in earbuds, control buttons, and cable clips, allowing users to keep their face covered while answering their smartphone or listening to music.

Omron- blood Pressure Monitor

It’s not always possible to visit a local medical center whenever there’s a change in blood pressure. You can use the Omron blood pressure monitor at home to keep an eye on blood pressure levels along with any notable changes. 

AliveCor ECG Monitor

AliveCor is a handy healthcare gadget, which can be used at any time to observe the status of your heart through an electrocardiogram test. This device is a two-point sensor strip linked to the mobile app on the smartphone through wireless technology. You can put the two-point sensor gadget near your phone and use the application. Put your two fingers of both hands on the strip. Within 30 seconds, the application monitors the heartbeats and creates an electrocardiogram graph on the screen. You can also get this report in a hard copy.

Dario Glucose Monitor

Dario is a smart gadget that runs with the help of an app. Through wireless technology, the device connects to the mobile app. You need to put a blood test strip into the machine and take a blood drop using the device’s lancer. The data is sent to the mobile app, configured as per the diet and insulin dosage plans. The app processes the data displays the current sugar level and suggests the insulin dosage requirement.


Glutrac is a glucose monitoring gadget that tracks its patients continuously and provides real-time data. It doesn’t need a blood sample to work; instead, it uses an algorithm to give blood sugar information. The gadget is even accessible to selected medical professionals and family members to make tracking simpler. It is undoubtedly a device to keep watch for in the following years as wearable technology is becoming more popular nowadays.

Tinke Respiratory Monitor

Tinke respiratory monitor is a supreme physical fitness tester to monitor the respiratory rate, pulse rate, heart rate variation, oxygen intake ratio, and more. This gadget is specially built for iOS devices—the widget is linked to the mobile device via a connector. The user puts the fingers on the gadget, which senses the heartbeat with other information. That information is then processed and displayed on the screen of the smartphone device.

Joovv Go

Specific wavelengths of red light therapy deliver health benefits, including faster muscle recovery, fat loss, enhanced thyroid function, reduced joint pain, improved skin health, and increased testosterone production. Joovv’s newest red light therapy device sets the power of red light into a portable form, allowing users to enjoy the clinically-proven health advantages.

Fitbit Charge 4

The Fitbit Charge 4 provides various features, from monitoring your fitness to your overall well-being. This smartwatch is a heart rate and activity tracker, sleep monitor, and is also swim-resistant.

Muse 2

To stay healthy, especially in a global pandemic and isolation, we should keep our minds healthy. Anyone, anywhere, can follow meditation and yoga. For that, Muse 2 uses data analysis and sensors to monitor your daily practice. 

Final Words

Whether you want to lose weight, remain fit, run faster or achieve an extra workout, there is an app, a fitness tracker, or a new-fangled gadget for that. There are thousands of healthcare gadgets available for both personal and professional use.