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Complete Home Automation Checklist From Google Products


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If you have purchased google home, google assistant device, or google nest and you don’t know what to do with it, don’t worry, we got you. From getting information about your favorite actor or singer to supervising connected lights, Google Assistant can be helpful in a lot of situations. We have listed down some important ones for you. These are a few of the google assistant and google home commands. But first of all, let’s take a look at how to get google to listen to you. 

How To Get Google To Listen To You?

It’s not a very tough task to get google to listen to you. All you have to say is “okay, Google” or “hey, Google.” And if you’re worried that whenever you say okay, google, you will activate both your phone’s and your google devices. Don’t worry; Google’s technology is way too advanced. You will activate only one of the devices. 

Here is the list of all the google home automation.

  • Productivity 
  • Control google home 
  • Privacy 
  • Search information 
  • Several speakers
  • Music 
  • Chromecast 
  • Phone calls 
  • Shopping 
  • Smart home 
  • Easter eggs 
  • Phone control
  • Third-party commands 

Google Nest Commands For Controlling Your Speaker 

  • For turning the volume up: “Hey, Google increase the volume,” “Hey Google, increase the volume to its maximum point,” or “Hey Google, turn it up.” 
  • For turning the volume down: “Hey Google, decrease the volume,” “Hey Google, decrease the volume to its minimum point,” or “Hey Google, turn it down.” 
  • If you desire to stop or resume or pause: “Hey Google, stop,” “Hey Google, resume,” or “Hey Google, pause.” 
  • If you want to know something: “Hey Google. Help”. 

Commands For Productivity

  • For setting up an alarm: “Hey Google, wake me up at 10 P.M.”, “Hey Google, set the alarm for 10 P.M” or “Hey Google, set the alarm for every Monday at 5 A.M.”
  • For checking an alarm: “Hey Google, tell me my upcoming alarm.” 
  • For snoozing or canceling an alarm: “Hey Google, please snooze or cancel the alarm.” 
  • For setting up a timer: “Hey Google, please set up a timer for [required time].”
  • To check the time of another country, you can say, “Hey Google, tell me the time of [required location]. 
  • For translating something: “Hey Google, please translate [phrase] in Portuguese.” 
  • For converting currency: “Hey Google, please convert [amount] in yen.” 
  • For adding something and checking your shopping list: “Hey Google, please add tomatoes to my shopping list” or “Hey Google, please let me know my shopping list.” 

Commands For Privacy 

  • Forgoing through the privacy portal: “Okay, Google, tell me how you keep my data safe.”
  • Erasing your previous commands: “Okay, Google, erase my previous commands.”
  • Erasing your most recent command: “Okay, Google, erase what I just said” 

Commands For Broadcasting Over More Than One Speaker 

This one is only applicable where you have more than one google assistant-based speaker to take commands for all of them. 

  • For waking everybody up: “Hey Google, broadcast, wake up.”
  • For letting everybody know about breakfast, lunch, and dinner: “Hey Google, broadcast breakfast/lunch/dinner is ready.” 
  • For letting everyone know that you are on your way: “Hey Google, broadcast, I am on my way.”  
  • For custom messages: “Hey Google, broadcast everyone [customized message].”

Commands For Looking Up Something On The Web 

  • For checking the weather of a certain place: “Okay, Google, tell me the status of the weather in [name of the place].” 
  • For checking traffic: “Okay, Google, tell me the status of traffic in [name of the area]
  • For checking definition and spelling: “Okay, Google, tell me how [word] is spelled” and “Okay, Google, define [term].”
  • For knowing facts: “Okay, Google, tell me some facts.”
  • For letting you know the distance: “Okay, Google, tell me the distance between home and supermarket.”
  • For knowing the sports and news updates: “Okay, Google, tell me the score of [sport]” and “Okay, Google, tell me the latest news update.” 
  • For recommendations: “Okay, Google, suggest the best Italian restaurant in [name of the area].

Commands For Traveling And Scheduling 

  • For checking the daily schedule: “Okay, Google, list all the events in my day.”
  • For Listing the next calendar event: “Okay, Google, let me know the next event on my calendar.” 
  • For checking reminders: “Okay, Google, tell me my next reminder.” 
  • For erasing reminders: “Okay, Google, erase my previous reminders.”
  • For checking availability and price of airline flights: “Okay, Google, check if flights are available for [name of the location]” and “Okay, Google, what is the cost of the tickets to [name of the location].”
  • For booking a hotel room: “Okay, Google, book a suite in a five-star hotel in [name of the location].”  
  • For checking the booked flights: “Okay, Google, tell me my upcoming flight.”

Commands For Playing Media And Music

  • For playing music: “Okay, Google, play some music from Spotify.”
  • For playing a particular artist or playlist: “Okay, Google, play some music from [name of the article]” or “Okay, Google, play music from [name of the playlist].” 
  • For getting information: “Okay, Google, who is the singer of this song” or “Okay, Google, tell me about this singer.” 
  • For tuning a musical instrument: “Okay, Google, tune my guitar” or “Okay, Google, play G minor.”


Other than these, there are hundreds of different commands you can give google to make your life a little easier. And as technology advances, it will be more intelligent than it already is. You can play around with your device and develop your own commands to see if it knows how to respond.