Are Cruises A Great Way To Vacation?

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Vacations are a vital part of human health.

A lot of studies show that Americans don’t actually use most of their vacation time. Many believe that they won’t be taken seriously at their job, or they feel they might be fired for taking all the time they have been given.

Vacationing is a great way to unwind and let the stress of everyday life melt away as you do something relaxing or engage in a stress-reducing hobby that you love.

Cruises are a popular way to vacation. Not only can you relax on the cruise ship, but it also takes you to exotic, far off locations where you can further relax and submerge yourself into local culture. But are cruises a great way to vacation? Here are the pros and cons:

One of the great things about cruises is that you often get the chance to visit cities and even countries and also relax while you travel. For instance, if you wanted to visit Florida from the North Carolina coast, you could simply hop on the boat and enjoy the various shows, activities, and poolside relaxation the cruise company offers while traveling to Florida. When you get there, you can get out and explore until your ship leaves for its next destination.

If you are visiting multiple locations, cruises are great because you can unpack in your cruise cabin once and not have to worry about repacking time and time again as you visit new locations. Your room is the same and you simply get off the ship to experience the new location.

Lastly, cruises offer a variety of fun activities, food, and friend-making opportunities. Many cruise ships feature acts like magicians and hypnotists, trivia nights, dinner with the captain, and much more.

Cruises aren’t great for those who get motion sickness. You will be on the water during your cruise. The sea can be somewhat unpredictable. Motion sickness will be worse depending on where you are on the ship. The lower your room is, the harsher the waves will affect it. If you get sea sick, a cruise isn’t for you.

Another disadvantage is that the drink packages can get pricy. If you plan on drinking on the ship, you will need to purchase a package. If you aren’t much of a drinker, however, this won’t really bother you.

Lastly, you could have trouble with the internet on the ship. If you are attached to your phone, or plan to use some time on your cruise to do a little work or planning, you will find that connecting to the internet is a bit difficult. This is because there are so many people on the ship and the ship could be in the middle of the ocean, so it is constantly moving from signal to signal.

If you’ve got the money, go on a cruise. It gives you a lot more of an opportunity to relax. Be aware that your drinks will get pricy and the internet might not be great. Also, skip out if you get sea sick!

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