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5 Bits of Gadget News That Have Gone Almost Completely Unnoticed


It seems like the planet is about to go on permanent sick leave, so while you’re sitting on the couch, “working from home,” we wanted to bring to your attention a few items in gadget news that you probably missed.

If you missed these handy items, fear not! You can purchase most of them right now. Just get your orders in before these products end up at Costco and your neighbor hoards them.

1. Ultraviolet Light Sanitizer

We’re all learning that everything we touch on our desks, in our purses, and generally every doorknob in existence, is covered in germs. Ultraviolet light sanitizing devices claim to kill bacteria, viruses, pathogens, and other common contaminants on surfaces that are otherwise impossible to clean. We’re talking keyboard, computer mouses, smartphones, and all those stress balls on your desk. Could this be the miracle product that saves us all?


2. Virtual Projection Keyboard

Unfortunately, Scotty won’t be able to beam you up to the Enterprise, but you could start using a keyboard that only seems like it could exist on “Star Trek.” This actual product projects a keyboard onto any flat surface and it can pair via Bluetooth with your smartphone or laptop computer. This is especially useful for people with large fingers or those who refuse to wear reading glasses in case their office crush happens to look in their direction. A hologram keyboard sure is a lot easier to clean!


3. Personal Neck Massager

Practicing social distancing has never been easier with your own personal neck massager. These devices fit around the neck and have various speeds, pressures, and settings to help you forget about all the people hoarding toilet paper around you. Now you no longer need to spend hundreds of dollars at your local spa to still feel relaxed.

4. Fake LED Skylights


If you have trouble getting your recommended daily dose of Vitamin D because you’re also afraid to leave your house, or your office has got you singing the blues, there’s a solution for you! This LED skylight panel simulates natural sunlight. Designed to make you feel like you’re outside might just lift your mood and make you forget that you can still smell your coworker’s tuna salad sandwich.


5. Battery Pack With Built-In Video Games



Waiting for your smartphone to charge has never been more fun! This 8,000 mAh backup battery pack features its own built-in video game system. While your phone gets charged, you can play games and continue down the path to never having to speak to another human again.

We think these gadgets are pretty cool and even if you won’t have any human contact for a while, at least you’re caught up with gadget news!