7 Insects You Should Never Wish To Encounter

There is nothing scarier than trying to imagine the most horrible insects and creatures that are sharing this planet with us. Lucky for us, most of them would run...

There is nothing scarier than trying to imagine the most horrible insects and creatures that are sharing this planet with us. Lucky for us, most of them would run from us just as fast as we would run from them, and not interfere with us if we don’t interfere with them. However, there are some that would terrify us as they wait on their opportunity to attack.

We should all be praying that we never have an encounter with these scary insects and deadly bugs ever.

1. Tarantula Hawk This is not a spider nor is it a bird, but rather it is a species of wasp that has such a sting that it can leave a man incapacitated and screaming in anguish. The pain lasts for approximately 3 minutes, but it is 3 minutes of the worst pain you would ever feel. The pain is so horrible that scientist’s advice to deal with it, is to lie down and scream.

2. Asian Giant Green Hornet This insect is considered one of the deadliest insects in the world. The venom from the Asian Giant Green Hornet completely annihilates the red blood cells and results in kidney failure and death. There are roughly one and a half inches long, which makes them one of the largest insects on earth. As with most bees and wasps, they travel in swarms.

3. Bullet Ant The Bullet Ant is native to Central America and should be avoided at all costs. As the name would suggest, something about this ant resembles a bullet, well it is the sting inflicted by this pest that feels as if you were shot with a bullet. The pain from this sting lasts for approximately 24 hours without and ease at all.

4. Human Bot Fly The scariest and most disgusting thing about the human bot fly is that it has adapted to only feed on humans for survival. The Human Bot Fly would bite a human and then lay the eggs under your skin for its babies to off our flesh as they grow. They can grow absolutely anywhere including the lips, the eyes, organs, and the brain.

5. Africanized Honey Bees In the 1950’s, Brazilian scientists imported African bees in order to breed a honeybee better equipped to handle South American tropics. This project resulted in the Africanized Honey Bees or better known as the killer bees. Unlike regular bees that will leave you alone if you don’t bother them, Africanized honey bees get agitated and start stinging at the slightest provocation.

6. Tse Tse Fly The Tse Tse Fly is one of the most dangerous insects on earth. More than 300,000 people die annually due to its bite. A parasite that is carried by this fly, enters the body from the bite and travels to varying parts of the body shutting them down, later resulting in death. The bite is very difficult to diagnose but very easy to treat.

7. Brazilian Wandering Spider One of the most poisonous spiders on the planet especially for males. It is said that if a male is bitten by this spider, he will suffer an incredibly painful four-hour erection just before he dies. So men if you see this white spider cocoon anywhere near your home or place of work, burn everything to the ground.

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