Debunking Myths Regarding The Dinosaur

Growing up we were taught many facts regarding the dinosaur, we visited museums to view their skeletal remains and played dinosaur battles with the miniature plastic toys. What is...
Growing up we were taught many facts regarding the dinosaur, we visited museums to view their skeletal remains and played dinosaur battles with the miniature plastic toys. What is shocking is that a lot of what we were taught might not be true.

The more the dinosaurs are studied and the more we find out about them, the more their story and history is being rewritten. The majority of things taught to us and shown to us as movies as far from the truth.
1. The sound the dinosaur makes is not like the roaring lizard lion as seen on television. Julia Clarke, a paleontologist out of the University of Texas has theorized that the dinosaurs made low frequency booms similar to that of the crocodile, using a resonating structure much like an inflated esophagus. She based this theory on the finding of a syrinx found in a fossilized Late Cretaceous bird Vegavis iaai, an ancestor of ducks and geese. No larynx has ever been found in the fossils of any dinosaur.

2. Another myth is that the short, stubby forearms of a Tyrannosaurus Rex were weak and pretty mush of no use to them. However, these appendages were full of muscle as in any other appendage of the T-Rex, and they could move items in excess of 430 pounds with each individual arm.
3. For a very long time, many scientists had the belief that all dinosaurs were cold blooded, just like the modern day reptiles, however, scientists in Australia have stated otherwise, claiming that if they were cold blooded, they could not have the muscular power and speed that permitted them to prey on other animals. More and more evidence is coming to light that backs up the thought that they were indeed warm blooded.

4. Every museum and every movie regarding dinosaurs depicts them in lush green gardens or tropical settings. However, although most of the dinosaurs did live like this, discoveries have unearth habitats in the Arctic region in places that were in darkness for very long periods of times during the year.
5. We were all implanted with the image of giant lizard like creatures as dinosaurs, but dinosaurs came in all shapes and sizes, but it goes without saying that the monstrous ones grasped our attention the most. Among the smallest dinosaurs were bird-sized forms such as the feathery Anchiornis and the tiny theropod Scansoriopteryx.

6. Another misconception relating to dinosaurs is that they were dark green and probably scaly, due to the fact that we assume they must have looked like big modern reptiles like crocodiles or alligators. The truth is that dinosaurs were probably very brightly colored and were covered in feathers for part of their early life.
7. This might come as a shock, but there are scientists that believe dinosaurs still exist today. This is supported by the evidence that points to birds evolving from dinosaurs. These scientists believe that the avian line of dinosaurs survived after the asteroid impact that wiped out the rest of the dinosaurs. Ostriches, chickens, pigeons, penguins, eagles and all other birds are said to be more closely related to dinosaurs than crocodiles, alligators, turtles, lizards and snakes.

8. We are never taught anything beyond the age of the dinosaur, therefore most people just conclude that dinosaurs were the first reptiles to rule the Earth. However, the dinosaurs did not appear until around 230 million years ago and the first reptiles evolved from their amphibian ancestors during the Carboniferous period more than 300 million years ago.
9. Most people and scientists believe that an asteroid about a mile in width crashed into the Yucatan Peninsula and wiped the dinosaurs right off the face of the earth in one clean swoop. In actuality, it was discovered that this phenomenon took hundreds of thousands of years to completed annihilate the dinosaur species.
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