These top 10 features will completely replace Android smartphones

Google has officially announced the name of its next operating system. The name of the new OS was earlier believed to be Android Q, but now it will be...

Google has officially announced the name of its next operating system. The name of the new OS was earlier believed to be Android Q, but now it will be called Android 10. Beta version of the new operating system for testing is being used by some developers, with the help of which its features have been revealed. In the new Android OS, users will get to use many amazing features which will completely change the experience of the users.

1. Dark Mode Feature

Android users have been waiting for the Dark Mode feature for a long time, which will finally be seen in the new Android 10 operating system. Dark themes can be turned on from the Battery tab by going to Settings. By using this feature, the battery will also cost less and the pressure on the user’s eyes will also be reduced.

2. Set to access location access permissions

Google has included location access permission settings in the Android 10 operating system keeping in mind the privacy of users. With the help of this feature, you will be able to set which apps can take information related to your location. Apart from this, in addition to allowing or denying permissions to users, a third option ‘Allow only when in use’ will also be available.

3. Fast sharing option

Google has included a new feature of sharing files and data in the new Android 10 operating system called ‘Fast Share’. With this help, files can be easily transferred to Android smartphones. Let me tell you that similar feature in the current OS was earlier called Android Beam, but it was removed from the released OS version. 

4. Newly designed battery indicator

The newly designed battery indicator by Google will be seen in the Android 10 operating system. The new indicator will replace the battery personality to show how long the current battery in the device can last. As an example, suppose that instead of percentage, ‘Until 11PM’ will be displayed. 

5. Colored themes will be available in a new OS

The new Android will not only see major changes in the UI but it will be given many new color themes that can be used with limited colors.

6. Connect to Wi-Fi without password

In the Android 10 operating system, users will not have to enter a password to connect the smartphone with Wi-Fi. Now Wi-Fi connectivity will be available with the help of QR code. That is, now the problem of password leaking will be avoided. 

7. See third-party apps

In the new OS, even better photos can be clicked. In the new operating system, third-party camera apps can be easily accessed, ie clicking the best quality photo will go a long way. 

8. More audio-video formats will play

Android 10 will be able to play many new audio and video formats. In the current Android version, some formats have to be converted, after which they can be played, but it will be quite easy to play in the new operating system. 

9. Easy connection with desktop

In the new Android, users will get a separate desktop mode through which the smartphone can be connected with the desktop in a better and faster way.

10. UI will be special for foldable smartphones

Android 10 has been specially designed for foldable smartphones. It will support dual display hardware easily and will show all types of icons on foldable smartphones.

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