What are the top 15 Android apps without which you cannot imagine your phone?

You have just bought a new smartphone and now you are going to install some apps in it. Then there is no need to tell that you will install many...
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You have just bought a new smartphone and now you are going to install some apps in it. Then there is no need to tell that you will install many apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, MX Player, ES File Explorer, Barcode Scanner, Shareit, YouCam Perfect and Antivirus. But what else should you install?

Do you know that as of today, there are more than 2 lakh apps on Google Play Store till June 2016? But, there are only a few of these apps whose use will change the way you interact with your phone. These 15 apps may not do anything like this, but they will definitely add some basic features to your Android and you will be able to have a more enjoyable experience of Android. These apps are absolutely free, so there is no excuse not to use them.

1) Wakey: Wake-Up Calls From Strangers:

There are hundreds (not thousands) of alarm apps on the play store and many of them are the best, but they all follow the same formula, as they all have different melodies, different interface, but have the same essence Are

Wakey is different. Instead of boring melodies, it wakes you up with the call of a stranger. Not only this, this call can be on any topic from a simple good morning wish to discussing your life. Along with this, you can also rate the person at the other end depending on how much you enjoyed this conversation.

2) Wiperoid – Phone Tracker:

Smartphone theft is not new, and it is the most painful thing that can happen to anyone. Once you lose your mobile, there is very little chance that it will be connected to the mobile Internet. In such a time, the other mobile trackers fail because they work on the Internet.

Now Wiperoid has redefined this old process and all the features have been brought offline. Through this app, your phone can be controlled via SMS. You remotely lock the mobile by sending SMS. Along with this, you can delete files, receive SMS on changing SIM.

3) MAPS.ME – GPS Navigation & Map:

This is an offline map, which can help you if you are lost somewhere and do not have internet on your mobile. It can be used offline with GPS navigation.

4) SMS Scheduler:

If you want an automatic tool that can send written SMS after a certain period, then this app is for you. For example, just write SMS on the birthday and anniversary of your near and dear ones and save it. Now open these apps and set the date and time to send the message. Now further work will be done by this app, and you will not need to wake up till 12 in the night to send SMS.

5) LastPass: Password Manage:

LastPass protects all your passwords and personal information. LastPass is a password manager service that encrypts all your passwords and stores them in a private account. It remembers all your passwords, allowing you to focus on more important things. With LastPass, you only have to remember one password, which you will create in it.

6) Curiosity:

Curiosity has inspired millions of people around the world to become smarter every day. For lifelong learners of all ages, this app shares the visual, short films of the Amazing Topic. This makes learning easy and fun. This app has more than 600,000 videos on almost all subjects from history to the discovery of the universe.

7) Any.do: To-Do List, Task List:

Any.do is the world’s most preferred task manager app. Its interface is very clean and easy to read. It has many features like voice recognition, day planner, calendar, folder browser, miss call. In this, you can make a checklist and keep track of everything you want to do.

8) Flipboard: Your News Magazine:

Flipboard is a beautiful magazine designed for Android phones that brings together world news and social news. In this, once you take a topic of your choice, then Flipboard starts showing news and stories on these topics. You can share stories, videos and photos that inspire you.

9) PicsArt Photo Studio:

PicsArt Photo Studio is the most popular free photo editing app for Android. All the features that you would like for photo editing in a mobile are this app. Along with this, its interface is very beautiful and there are many content and filters to download. It is very powerful but easy to use.

10) Snapseed:

With Snapseed, you can edit any image on your mobile. It is very easy to edit the image, all you have to do is select the available tools or filters, by swiping left or right you can change the intensity of the effect. Swiping up and down can swipe in all the tools.

10) Unity: Home Media Server:

If you want to access store media on your smartphone on your PC, then Younity is just for you. Younity home media server stores all the videos, music, photos and files on your computer on the mobile device for free and easy access.

11) Microsoft Outlook:

Outlook for Android is a sleek mail client, in which you can quickly delete, archive and reschedule by swiping email messages. In addition, you can easily switch from email to calendar feature. In this, you can also configure your Gmail, Yahoo Mail.

12) Google Keep:

Google Keep is an app for writing notes developed by Google. It is very simple, fast, easy to use. It has so many features that they are enough to satisfy most users. In Google Keep, you can have different color codes for notes, which makes it easier for you to identify notes. For example red color for work-related notes, green color for personal notes etc. You can also sync it with your Gmail account.

13) AnyMote:

Not only does this smart remote control mimic a traditional remote, it has different presets that you can use to control various electronics devices. With a preset of this app, you can control the TV in the same room and the AC from another preset.

14) Google Photos:

Google Photos has brought a small revolution in image storage and sharing. In this, you can save unlimited 16-megapixel images and 1080p videos on cloud storage. You can access them on photos.google.com on any phone, tablet or computer.

15) ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers:

Zedge is a one-stop solution to customize your Android device. This is a popular app, from where you can download ringtones, notification sound, wallpapers, live wallpapers and application icons for free. There are millions of items to download and you can preview the wallpaper or listen to the songs before downloading.

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