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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your iPhone


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It hardly matters that you’re a newbie to your iPhone or you have been using it for years. There might be few things that you do not know about your iPhone despite using them for years. The professionals still lack to learn things about the iPhone because there is so much to learn, and many functions keep updating. However, many things are still there that you must know, such as using Siri via text and figuring out how to help you navigate the notifications.

You Can Use Your Keyboard As A Trackpad

There are times when you awkwardly try to navigate the text message by tapping on to the screen where you want your cursor to be. It is irritating when you have limited time to fix your cursor. The iPhone can fix this if you have an idea of what you are doing. Press down the keyboard, and the keys will vanish, then. By sliding the thumb, you can move your text cursor. To select the text, press harder. It may be time-consuming at first, but it is worth it for the utility alone if you practice it.

Pinch And Turn On Low Battery Power Mode To Save Battery

If someday you forget your charger, then you might run out of battery. However, this feature will let you save the battery when you are in an emergency. First, select your phone control center, then click on the ”low battery” button and switch it on or off, whatever you want it to be. This will boost your power battery a bit, and you can use your phone for emergency purposes until you can charge your phone again. 

Hide Pictures You Don’t Want Others To See

If you want some pictures that only you can see, you can hide them from view. Go to the photos app, select some pics you don’t want others to see, click on the ”share” then choose ”hide”. Then if you want to view them, you’ll have to go into the photo app and find them, and only you’ll be able to see them. 

You Can Customize Your Ringtone And Vibrations For Callers

This is a great feature, making it easy to know who is calling you without checking your phone. To do this, you need to go to the contacts menu and choose the person you want your ringtone for, and then there is an option for you to go and click on the ringtone and tap on default. This is the best feature as you can change the ringtone for the person of your choice, so you know who is calling you without looking at the screen.

You Can Scan Documents With Notes App

Now you don’t have to share the documents again with others. If you need to scan something, you have to go on the notes app, click the plus sign at the bottom, choose scan documents, and then the iPhone will direct you to the camera to take a shot. There are options like greyscale or black and white for you to choose the quality of your document.

Answer The Calls Automatically

Sometimes we may be engaged with some important work that we couldn’t find time to answer the calls manually, and also, you don’t want to miss the calls. So opt for AirPods to make or answer the calls. For this, go to Go to access and call Audio Routing to find the file option to answer a call automatically.

You Can Record Your Screen

You can easily share things without using additional apps; this is all because of the newest version of ios. Go to the control center, then customize the control. Tap on the screen record icon, and then once it turns red, you can record whatever you want on your phone. Once done, you can stop the video recording by clicking on the same icon. Your video will be saved in the photos or videos app.

Ask Queries To Siri

Siri is not there just to solve your work-related problem. You can also speak to her when you choose speaking over typing. For this, go to the settings, choose the Siri option, ask her queries, and probably get answers.

Change Your Wifi Connections

To access this feature, swipe down from the right corner and be revealed to the control center. Then, press long on the wifi action, it will display all the wifi connections. 

Swipe Left, And The Camera Will Be Opened

If you need quick access to the camera without unlocking the phone, then swiping left from the lock will take you straight to the camera. 


Take advantage and try these and also other things which the iPhone wants to offer. There will be a new ios version soon, so before that, keep your hands clean and learn all that this device wants to offer.